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Galaxy S9 Teardown Reveals Bad Repairability Score

If you need to repair your Galaxy S9, beware that it won't be easy.

Credit: iFixit

(Image credit: iFixit)

The folks over at iFixit have published its teardown, revealing not only the components inside the handset but also how easy it is to take it apart and fix things like a damaged screen, a bad battery, or other components. And it was clear from the onset that it wouldn't be easy.

iFixit discovered that in order to open the handset, you need to heat it and use a pick to pry it open.

First up, iFixit looked at the dual rear-facing cameras and noted that it uses just two rotating aperture blades to keep it circular through f-stop adjustments. The average camera, according to iFixit, has five.

Removing the fingerprint sensor was difficult due to some "glue" that Samsung placed all around it. It nearly broke in the process of taking it out. And when iFixit moved to the handset's battery, it discovered that the pack is actually glued in place and exceedingly difficult to remove. When it finally got the battery out, iFixit found a pack that's identical to last year's Galaxy S8+ with 3,500mAh and a battery weight of 13.48Wh.

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After removing some screws and a display cable that's "threaded" inside the handset, the motherboard was removed. From there, iFixit was able to more easily remove other components, like the dual cameras, the headphone jack, and others.

In its teardown, iFixit discovered Samsung is using its own RAM in the handset, but relying on Toshiba storage. Qualcomm is in there to deliver the processor, audio codec, and tracker, and Maxim is handling the audio. Other companies, including NXP, Murata, and Skyyworks, are also represented inside Samsung's handset.

One of the biggest problems iFixit faced in the teardown was removing the display. It was forced to use a heat gun to heat up the glue behind the screen. You could use picks to open the display, but iFixit called that technique a "marathon slog." 

Samsung is releasing its Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on Friday, Mar. 16. Be sure to check out our full Galaxy S9 review and our camera face-off between the Galaxy S9, Pixel 2 and iPhone X.

Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide. 

  • zeroplanet9
    so its built to last......?
  • shawndugout13
    Built as it should be the way I see it. Robust and sealed well for water resistance. No problem here at all.