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Apex Legends Octane Leak: What to Know About the New Character

We’re a day out from March and the supposed start of Season 1 of Apex Legends, and the leaks are starting to appear thick and fast.

The primary one is the appearance of a fairly legitimate looking image on the Apex Legends subreddit of the new character - Octane - and he’s looking pretty darn interesting.

Credit: Reddit/u_Voeno

(Image credit: Reddit/u_Voeno)

His name has been kicking around the Apex Legends scene for a while now after the game was datamined shortly after release. But now we appear to have much more in the way of concrete details when it comes to Season 1’s legend, after reddit user Voeno (who leaked the recently added Havoc weapon) put the image online.

Octane is a “High Speed Daredevil” who appears to use the “Stim” from Titanfall as his tactical ability. Called “Adrenaline Junkie,” it gives Octane a 30 percent speed boost at the expense of 10 percent of his health. He also will be temporarily immune to attacks that slow him down, like the Arc Star grenade blast, Caustic’s Gas and the airstrikes put down by Bangalore and Gibraltar.

This 10 percent health reduction is also balanced out by his ability to regain health when he’s not under fire. How fast this health returns to him is a mystery, but he’s the only character who has this passive skill, so it could be an interesting wrinkle in the game’s current meta and an area worth keeping an eye on. If he has rapid health regeneration, expect the community to call him overpowered.

His Ultimate ability is “Launch Pad,” which the description text says can “catapult users through the air.” Does this mean a long jump that can be used by all members of the squad, or possibly even enemy squads? Can this be used alongside his Adrenaline Junkie ability to clear even greater distances? Is this basically a portable redeploy platform, allowing you and your team to glide in and out of skirmishes once it’s put down?

It’s cool to see that Respawn are still looking to Titanfall for inspiration when it comes to Apex Legends, as allowing for more unique ways to traverse the map and approach combat situations is only going to make for a more interesting game. With Season 1 and the battle pass dropping in March, we should hopefully find out whether this leak is true or not any day from now.