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Where to buy Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 — latest restock updates

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(Image credit: Nvidia )

Where to buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 is a tricky question to answer. That's because the $499 graphics card is out of stock at pretty much all of the major retailers. 

High demand, the ongoing chip shortage and scalping means GeForce RTX 3070 restocks are hard to come by. But we're here to help where we can. 

Sadly, as of October 22, there are no GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards in stock at U.S. or U.K. retailers at reasonable prices.

However, we've listed the main U.S. retailers, and some U.K. stores, offering the graphics card below for your inspection. These are worth checking out and signing up for restock notifications so you can maximize your change of getting the graphics card as and when it's restocked. 

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 deals

Where to buy Nvidia GeForce RTX


RTX 3070: from $499 @ Best Buy
Best Buy offers the Gigabyte and EVGA RTX 3070 cards. Both are sold out, but inventory is expected to be replenished soon. 


RTX 3070: from $499 @ Amazon
Although Amazon is out of stock of the PNY GeForce RTX 3070 Triple Fan and the PNY RTX 3070 Dual Fan cards, the retailer will email you when stock is replenished.  


RTX 3070: from $499 @ Newegg
From Asus to Zotac, Newegg offers the widest range of RTX 3070 cards with prices that run the gamut from $499 to $629. They are all out of stock, but you can have Newegg auto-notify you when stock is back.


RTX 3070: from $499 @ Nvidia
Nvidia's website is your RTX 3070 headquarters with links to all versions of its new graphics card. Not surprisingly, they're all sold out. 


RTX 3070: from $499 @ B&H Photo
B&H Photo is carrying Gigabyte and Zotac RTX 3070 cards. However, all RTX 30 series cards are temporarily sold out. You can be notified when stock is replenished. 

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  • effingscammers
    fry's electronics is bakrupt and closed two weeks ago.
  • STbob
    This is a useless article. Where to find a RTX 3070 lol maybe in fantasy land.

    Best Buy does get them in but snapped up in 1 second off their web site. Why? Because Best buy prefers to have is business model a free for all.

    Its not first come first served at all. Its just based on LUCK. You could search for 2 months then have a buddy that has done ZERO work buy a card before you based on luck that he happened to be on their web site the right day right time.

    Best Buy and others
    No way to get auto emails when product is in
    No way to pre pay to reserve yourself in line to get the next one.
    What they should do it the web site is offer to reserve a card based on money you pre pay. Then make a list based on the Time/date and not a free for all.

    Jon Doe pays 499.00 in Jan 2021 to best buy the reserve his card. He is number 120 on the list of people.

    Best buy gets in 20 card per week. So Jon can now estimate when he will get his card. Like 6 weeks. No one gets to cut in line ahead of him this way.

    If you find a card some place else just cancel that best buy order and they adjust the chronological wait list. Its the way it works for most things. I buy foot game tickets I dont get there and fight for the seat I paid for based on luck like Best buy does with Video cards.

    Toms Guide basically only can say "Good luck" cause we are not help.

    How about Toms Guide put some pressure on companies to change the selling practices vs posting "gee we can't help much"
  • Murray1031
    If this is an American site why are three sites And Fry’s is a dead site and company. If you’re the top guy at finding cards. I’ll never find one.