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Where to buy Nintendo Switch: These retailers still have stock

Where to buy Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch consoles are still hard to find. So if you've been wondering where to buy the Nintendo Switch — you've come to the right place. 

Reports indicate that Nintendo is increasing Switch production by as much as 10%. In the meantime, we're listing the stores where to buy Nintendo Switch at its regular retail price. (Keep in mind you can still find Nintendo Switch deals on accessories and games, especially now that Memorial Day sales have started). In addition, we're also rounding up the best spots to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite. Both consoles are in high demand, but low in stock, although the Switch Lite is somewhat easier to find. 

Editors’ Note: Most retailers have exhausted their Nintendo Switch inventory. Likewise, Nintendo Switch Lite inventory is also very limited. Target has the standalone console on sale for $199. Meanwhile, GameStop has the standalone Switch Lite for $199 and bundles on sale from $229

Where to buy Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite: $199 @ GameStop
GameStop now has stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite standalone handheld. It's selling for list price at $199.99. View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite: $199 @ Target
Target is one of the few retailers with stock of the Nintendo Switch Lite. It's selling for list price at $199.99. View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite Bundles: from $229 @ GameStop
GameStop has stock of various Nintendo Switch Lite bundles. The bundles include games, screen protectors, or cases. Prices start at $229.99. They also have the Switch Lite with Mario Kart 8 for $259, which is list price. View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite: $199 @ Best Buy
Best Buy has the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock for $199. It's one of the few retailers that has the standalone handheld at its traditional price. View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite Crash Bandicoot Bundle: $354 @ QVC
This bundle includes the Switch Lite, Minecraft, protective case, and a glass screen protector, and more. View Deal

Switch Lite (Coral) w/ Animal Crossings: $259 @ Best Buy
This bundle includes the hard-to-find Nintendo Switch Lite in Coral along with a copy of Animal Crossings. View Deal

Refurb Nintendo Switch Lite: $194 @ Best Buy
This Geek Squad certified refurbished Switch Lite is back in stock and $5 off. It includes a 90-day warranty. View Deal

Where to buy Nintendo Switch —  Nintendo Store

As of mid-May, the Nintendo Store (which is a great source for new and refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles) is still not shipping physical products due to the virus pandemic. Per their website, the store has shutdown "in accordance with federal and local guidelines." Currently, the online store is only selling digital items. Likewise, the Nintendo Store at eBay is also temporarily closed. We'll update our post when the stores reopen.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch —  Refurbished models

If you can't find a new Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, your next best bet is to opt for a refurbished model. As with any refurbished purchase, you'll want to verify the console's warranty, who backs the warranty, and how long your device is covered. Best Buy has had fluctuating inventory of the Geek Squad refurbished Switch Lite on sale for $194. It's only $5 off, so go with this option only if new inventory is out of stock. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch — When to expect new stock

Reports indicate that Nintendo is actively working on refreshing its Switch inventory. However, COVID-19 outbreaks throughout Asia have led to a surge in demand for Nintendo Switch consoles. Nikkei reports that Nintendo is looking to increase Switch production by about 10% compared to the 20 million it made in 2019. The best advice on where to buy Nintendo Switch is to simply be patient and check our story daily as we monitor new inventory. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch — holiday shortages

Nintendo Switch shortages might stick around till the holidays. A new report indicates that Nintendo is still struggling with Switch manufacturing due to government-imposed lockdowns in Malaysia and the Philippines. The former is Nintendo's source for printed circuit boards, whereas the latter provides passive components. So while we may see new inventory show up over the summer, we may face Switch shortages again come the holiday shopping season. In other words, you should buy that Switch console now