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The Batman movie release date, trailer, cast, photos, Riddler costume and latest news

The Batman movie release date, trailer, cast, photos, Riddler leak and latest news
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The Batman movie is preparing to take flight, with filming wrapped according to various reports. The pandemic caused a massive delay in Robert Pattinson's debut as the Caped Crusader, but the production is inching towards completion. And with it, the excitement ramps up for Matt Reeves' first film in his reboot of the much-loved superhero franchise. We've got an all-new Batman, new Bat villains and a new Bat cast, including Barry Keoghan, who recently shared a set photo. 

That anticipation rose with the first trailer: a cinematic clip so good that any folks upset about Bruce Wayne's casting news bit their tongues faster than you can raise the bat-signal. We couldn't be more hyped for the move, as its cast appears to pivot from the Zack Snyder movies' tendencies for wooden actors. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming The Batman movie.

The Batman movie latest news (Updated May 19)

  • A bunch of images of The Batman characters have leaked
  • The Batman cast member Barry Keoghan shared a set photo of himself, though it doesn't reveal much.
  • Pattinson explained how Batman fans can it hard to just talk about the character

The Batman movie trailer

On August 22, at DC FanDome, we got the first teaser trailer for The Batman. And it's dark, and grim and emo. We can't really say anything, but let The Batman movie trailer speak for itself. 

Alas, the trailer dropped and was met by a year of further lockdowns and bad news; however, with coronavirus now, fingers-crossed, safely in the rear-view mirror, we can look forward to a movie that looks to portray a more ominous Gotham tale and a much more sinister Caped Crusader to boot.  

The Batman movie release date

The Batman release date has been very much at the mercy of the pandemic — punctuated by more delays, hiccups, and holdups than you can shake a stick at. Last year's updated release date of October 1, 2021, was, once again, shifted back. 

We now have — dare we say it — a firm U.S. release date of March 4, 2022. That seems far more realistic with things looking a lot rosier ahead of the mass vaccination program unfolding around the world to tackle the coronavirus. 

Currently, there's no set U.K. release date, but we're hoping it's not too far off the early spring U.S. release. 

The Batman movie photos of Batman and Riddler costumes

Newly leaked images of Robert Pattinson's Batman look ... really freaking cool. As for the leaked Riddler images? They look scary as hell. A big new look for Paul Dano's up-and-coming version of the Riddler, it seems. This definitely confirms that the character
is based on the Zodiac killer.

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The Batman movie art

(Image credit: DRMovieNews1/Twitter)
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The Batman movie

(Image credit: DRMovieNews1/Twitter)
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The Batman movie Batman Art

(Image credit: DRMovieNews1/Twitter)
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The Batman movie — The Riddler

(Image credit: @nightwaynes/Twitter)

The Batman movie: Robert Pattinson interview

Speaking with NPR, Pattinson explained that even talking about Batman is akin to walking a taut tightrope. Specifically, he said that "every single time I say one sentence about Batman, there's this massive - I'm offending swathes of Batman fans." 

And while that may be a knock on the fans, the actor notes how it's also rooted in how there isn't just one Batman. He elaborated "the interesting thing about Batman itself is that you can basically - it's been played in so many different ways. The comics cover so much ground. The movies cover so much ground. I mean, if you're going on the kind of - if you're trying to play a historically accurate Batman, I mean, you could literally play anything."

The Batman movie poster

On Twitter, director Matt Reeves revealed both The Batman's logo/title treatment and its first poster, which is a beautiful work by iconic artist Jim Lee.

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The Batman movie poster

(Image credit: Twitter/MattReevesLA)
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The Batman movie poster

(Image credit: Twitter/MattReevesLA)

The Batman movie Joker

Are you ready for another Mr. J? The Direct reports that director "Matt Reeves is planning to introduce a new Joker into his Batman trilogy." Just don't expect said clown-prince of crime to terrorize Gotham up front.

The report continues that "Reeves is planning for the Joker to appear in the second and third movies as one of the films' multiple villains." We will only see reference to the character in the first movie of this trilogy.

A possible new Joker remains uncast, but the latest info sounds promising: “We wouldn’t count other Jokers out, as Jared Leto reportedly wants his Clown Prince of Crime to meet Robert Pattinson’s Bat." — that's according to We Got This Covered and would surely make for a memorable tie-up between the two characters. 

The Batman movie set photos

Out of the blur and into the ... shadows? The latest The Batman photos, tweeted by director Matt Reeves, show the caped crusader himself, near his Batmobile:

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The Batman movie photos batmobile

(Image credit: Twitter/MattReevesLA)
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The Batman movie photos batmobile

(Image credit: Twitter/MattReevesLA)
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The Batman movie photos batmobile

(Image credit: Twitter/MattReevesLA)

While we've seen Pattinson in the new bat-suit in the dark, a trio of set photos and a video of "Batman" falling down on his motorcycle, show us a lot more of the outfit. While we love the smaller "ears" the ribbed armor seems a bit over-designed.

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The Batman movie set photos stunt double

(Image credit: Twitter/InsideBacklot)
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The Batman movie set photos stunt double

(Image credit: Twitter/InsideBacklot)
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The Batman movie set photos stunt double

(Image credit: Twitter/InsideBacklot)

Cast member Barry Keoghan recently shared a selfie of himself, possibly on the set. He's sporting a fleece jacket with a distinctive logo. In the caption, Keoghan included three bat emojis. 

The Batman movie - Barry Keoghan

(Image credit: Twitter/@BarryKeoghan)

The Batman movie cast

The Batman movie — Robert Pattinson as The Batman

(Image credit: Warner via Twitter)

A lot of old-school Batman fans didn't take the casting of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman nicely, as the heartthrob is best known for portraying Edward, the ever-so-sparkly vampire character at the core of the Twilight films. Pattinson will be directed by Matt Reeves (10 Cloverfield Lane, War for the Planet of the Apes).

But to politely push back at this reaction, I'll say I agree with Zack Sharf of IndieWire who explained how Pattinson's career proved he's more than just the iconic role. For example, Pattinson's earning raves for starring in The Lighthouse, a highly-hyped black and white film that co-stars Willem Dafoe, is directed by Robert Eggers (the luminary behind The Witch) and comes from A24, a beloved indie distributor.

To make things even more confusing, DC plans on entering its own multiverse with a trio of stars. Michael Keaton is set to reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming Flash film. So, Warner Bros will have two different film sagas with Batman — played by two different actors — running at the same time. According to The New York Times, the DCEU characters live in Earth 1, and Mr. Pattinson's Batman is on Earth 2. If done right, the DC Extended Universe films could pose a serious rival for Marvel's MCU.

Andy Serkis has been confirmed to play Alfred Pennyworth, while Jeffrey Wright (Westworld, Angels in America) will play Bruce Wayne's major ally, Commissioner Gordon. Barry Keoghan is on board as a Gotham City police officer, while Peter Sarsgaard is Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson. 

Other The Batman movie cast members include Jayme Lawson as Gotham mayoral candidate, Bella Real; Alex Ferns as Commissioner Pete Savage; Max Carver in a TBA role; and Charlie Carver in a TBA role.

The Batman movie villains

You can't have a Batman without villains, right? 

Zoë Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road) will star as Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) one of the first casting choices that got rave reactions from most. Catwoman could be a villain or an ally of Batman (or both), we'll have to wait and see how her role plays out.

Similarly, fans loved the news that Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine) is signed on to portray Edward Nashton, The Riddler.

Another big name joining as a villain is Colin Farrell as The Penguin. This might seem quite unbelievable if you've seen the trailer but, yes indeed, that really is Farrell under all that makeup looking totally unrecognizable as the fictional supervillain. 

John Turturro will play crime boss, Carmine Falcone, whose character appeared in Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, as portrayed by Tim Wilkinson in the seminal Batman Begins. 

The Batman movie plot

Unlike the above list of the top-billed Bat-cast, the details of what they'll be doing is less clear. He'll probably fight The Riddler, and face conflicting feeling about how to deal with Selina Kyle's Catwoman, who likely steals jewels and his heart. 

Additionally, Robert Pattinson's teased the potential for an awesome new Batsuit, saying "Matt [Reeves] has got a really awesome idea about it ... I think this thing is going to be very, very cool.” 

For the first half of that, the answer is an easy Nope. The Joker director Todd Phillips previously said that character will not appear in The Batman. Pattinson confirmed this detail in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

We're less sure about the latter. At the 2018 TCA Awards, director Matt Reeves said, "There are ways in which all of this connects to DC, to the DC universe as well. We’re one piece of many pieces so I don’t want to comment on that except to say that I’m focused very specifically on this aspect of the DC world."

Which leaves us scratching our heads and waiting for March 2022.