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Ring launches end-to-end video encryption: How to set up, supported video doorbells and cameras

Ring Video Doorbell 2
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As part of a number of privacy updates, Ring announced that it would offer end-to-end video encryption for its video doorbells and security cameras. While it rolled out this feature for beta testers back in January, it's now making encryption available for all users starting today. 

In addition, Ring is also rolling out support for authenticator apps for two-step verification, as well as Captcha in both the Ring and the Neighbors app.

End-to-end video encryption — which ensures that the feed coming from your video doorbell is encrypted until it reaches your phone — was launched as a technical preview in the U.S. this year, but is now an official feature, and is being made available globally. However, this feature won't be available on all Ring devices.  Here's a list of the Ring cameras that will work with end-to-end encryption, and how to set it up.

Ring video doorbells and cameras that support end-to-end encryption

Unfortunately, any Ring video doorbell or security camera that's battery-powered won't work with end-to-end encryption, even if it's hardwired. That means the Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell 4, Ring Video Doorbell (2020), and Ring Stick-Up Cam (Battery) are incompatible with this feature. 

Below is a list of the products that will work with end-to-end encryption:

How to set up end-to-end encryption on your Ring video doorbell or security camera

1. Update your Ring app to version 5.34 or higher.

2. Go to Control Center. Select Video Management, then Advanced Settings, then End-to-End Encryption, then Got It on the disabled feature list. 

3. Select Get Started, then follow the in-app instructions to enroll your account in End-To-End Encryption. This might require you to create a new passcode.

4. Enroll your mobile device. Tap Resume Setup, and follow the in-app instructions to enroll your mobile device in End-To-End Encryption.

5. Enroll your Ring device(s). Select Resume Setup, and follow the instructions to add your Ring devices to end-to-end encryption. 

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