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Hulu gets exclusive rights to Parasite in blow to Netflix

Hulu's getting Parasite
(Image credit: NEON Films)

Hulu's snatched a major victory in the streaming media world. Yes, just like Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon-ho cleaned up at the Oscars, Hulu's snatched his film Parasite away from the likes of Netflix and Prime Video. 

The film — which centers around the Kim family, which is broke and finds its big break in conning the rather-simple-minded Park family — lands on Hulu on Wednesday, April 8. Parasite is currently available via digital streaming from the traditional outlets like Apple and Amazon, and Blu-ray as well. 

Wondering about the rest of Bong Joon-ho's filmography? Our guide for where to stream the director's works points out that Netflix has Snowpiercer and Okja, which should have made it an easy front-runner for Parasite. Tubi and Hoopla both have Sea Fog and The Host. 

While Hulu's not without movies, this is a big win for the streaming service, as it's still primarily seen as a place to watch TV shows. Netflix and Prime Video, on the other hand, pack more movies than anyone has time to watch.