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Google Maps on Android just got a killer upgrade you'll wish the iPhone had

Google Maps on Android split-screen Street View
(Image credit: Future)

Google Maps on Android has finally been given a split-screen mode for Street View, meaning users of smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Google Pixel 5 can navigate the real world without losing their place on the map.

The new split-screen Google Maps mode is currently being rolled out to Android devices, according to Reddit users who've received the upgrade. Prior to this, Split View was only available on the web version of Google Maps.

Google Maps has improved a lot over the years, but sometimes it’s not easy to find your final location if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Street View can be a huge help in these instances, but using it on mobile always meant losing your view of the map. With this update for the Android app, Google will let you look at both at the same time.

google maps street view split screen

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Not only does this split view let you see exactly which spot on the map you’re looking at, but you can also navigate Street View by tapping new points on the map itself. No more swiping at the screen to move further down the road.

All you need to do to look at Street View in split-screen mode is switch to Street View mode and tap the relevant position on the map. Google Maps should automatically open Street View without you losing your view of the map itself. It also works in landscape mode, if that’s how you’d prefer to view directions.

google maps street view split screen

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

If you’d prefer to just see the Street View photography, you can tap the full-screen button on the right side of your screen and the map will disappear. Tap it again to return to normal.

Google is rolling this feature out to Android users right now. If you keep all your apps up to date there’s a chance this feature is already live, as it was when I checked my Android phone. There’s no word on whether or when this feature will come to iOS users, so for now make do with what’s already available if you have an iPhone 12 or older device.

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