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Degoo review

Simple, affordable cloud storage for photos

degoo review
(Image: © Degoo)

Our Verdict

Degoo does a nice job handling photos and saving space on your phone, but it’s far from serving as a comprehensive cloud storage solution.


  • Built-in photo feed
  • Suppors end-to-end encryption
  • Photo optimizer saves space


  • Very limited backup options
  • No desktop client

If you’re looking for a way to store your photos in the cloud without losing track of them, Degoo offers a possible solution. However, this cloud storage provider skips out on many of the features that have become standard among competitors and doesn’t even have a desktop client.

Instead, Degoo offers a web interface that not only helps you organize your photos but uses AI to bring back memories. If you aren’t worried about having automatic backups, file versioning, and other advanced backup tools, Degoo is affordable and easy to use. In our Degoo review, we’ll take a closer look at how this photo-centric storage platform works and whether it’s worthwhile.


The first thing you’ll notice when using Degoo is that the platform doesn’t have a desktop app. Instead, to back up files from your computer, you’ll need to manually upload them using the web interface. That means there are no automatic backups and no file versioning with this software. While Degoo is optimized for photos, it will accept files of any type for cloud storage.

The Degoo mobile apps, though, offer a lot more capabilities. On your smartphone, you can schedule continuous backups from your camera roll or other media folders. Even better, Ultimate users get access to a photo optimizer tool. This transfers photos from your smartphone to the cloud, downsizes them, and puts the lower-resolution versions back on your device. The original, larger files are permanently stored in the cloud and can be downloaded at any time.

One of the unique things that Degoo offers is a photo feed within your cloud storage space. This is kind of like having a personal Instagram feed. All of the photos are your own, and they’re only visible to you.

Degoo review

Degoo includes an AI-driven feed of your old photos (Image credit: Degoo)

The feed is powered by AI with the goal of bringing back memories. For example, the algorithm might surface photos from the current calendar day several years ago. This was a little hit or miss since the photos we most wanted to see rarely had anything to do with the day of the week.

Unfortunately, the photo viewer doesn’t enable you to customize your feed or build organized photo albums, like you can with most other mobile photo apps. That makes Degoo a lot less useful for crafting your photos into displays and sharing them with friends and family.


Degoo offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that prioritize aesthetics over advanced features. They’re relatively minimal, although this also makes them straightforward to navigate.

The basic features are covered, including file search and simple link sharing. The web client includes a photo editor, but it’s so minimal as to be useless for everything more advanced than cropping. That said, we were happy to find that you can play back audio and video from within the mobile app. This opens up some possibilities for creating a cloud audio or video library and saving space on your smartphone.

Degoo review

The Degoo browser interface (Image credit: Degoo)

The biggest issue we had, aside from the fact that there’s no desktop app, is that Degoo has done away with many backup settings that are rather important. For example, while the platform lets you set automatic backups, there’s only one frequency option—24 hours. However, we did appreciate that you can set backups to only take place when your device is connected to WiFi and charging. 


For how simple Degoo is otherwise, the platform takes security extremely seriously. Every account comes with 256-bit AES encryption for your files. You can turn on two-factor authentication, but only if you log in with a Google account. In addition, your files are copied onto multiple servers to provide redundancy against a crash or attack. 

Degoo review

Degoo enables zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption for paid accounts (Image credit: Degoo)

Paid users also get zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption, which is a pretty heavy-duty security feature. Zero-knowledge encryption means that you’re the only one who knows your password. Not even Degoo can access your files. Of course, you’ll want to be careful turning this encryption on, since Degoo won’t be able to help you if you ever forget your password. 


Degoo’s pricing is very inexpensive, which we appreciated given that this cloud storage service is relatively light on features. You can get up to 100 GB of cloud storage for free, which sounds extremely attractive. But, be careful taking too much advantage of this, since your account will be closed and your files deleted if you don’t log in at least once every 90 days. 

Degoo review

Pricing options for Degoo (Image credit: Degoo)

A Pro plan costs $3 per month and comes with 500 GB of storage space. This also enables zero-knowledge encryption and lets you set up automatic backups on up to three devices. But, the Pro plan doesn’t include the photo optimizer tool. For that, you’ll need an Ultimate plan for $9.99 per month. This lets you set up backups on five devices and includes 10 TB of storage. 


At its heart, Degoo is a simple and inexpensive solution for backing up photos and videos from your smartphone. If that’s all you need, it’s a rather elegant solution with plenty of security features to boot. We liked that you can stream audio and videos from your cloud storage account without downloading files.

However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive cloud backup platform, Degoo simply isn’t it. This provider doesn’t provide a desktop app, and file versioning capabilities are nonexistent, not to mention that the service doesn’t offer much in the way of photo or video editing tools.

  • tjemcd
    admin said:
    Simple, affordable cloud storage for photos.

    Degoo review : Read more
    For a "secure" site that you can backup to. This is not one. I got an email today from Degoo telling me they were going to cancel my account because they found copyright software on it. DUH I backed up my acronis software and now I am being told they will cancel my account? What kind of backup service is this. I am not sharing any files, just using it for backkup. I even paid for a lifetime subscription. This is not a secure backup solution, especially if they are snooping around on your backups. If you use them, make sure to encrypt even your backups, because they will terminate you, just for backing up your own paid for software. NOTE: All the software backed up I have paid for and have proof.

    Detected copyright infringement
    I'm the Degoo Bot. I do automated work to ensure that Degoo remains safe and that everyone abides by the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I've detected that you've uploaded content which violates someone else's copyright. This violates our terms and conditions. Therefore your account will be terminated in 2 weeks.

    If you feel I've done a mistake you're welcome to submit an appeal by clicking the button below. The appeal will be reviewed by a human. Be sure to submit as much detailed information as possible, to help verify that no copyright was violated.

    Some of the files I detected were:
    AcronisTrueImage2016_web (1).exe

    All the best
    The Degoo Bot
  • mepath
    Yeah, I have a 10 TB lifetime plan, I also got a message from Degoo Bot. They promised a "zero-knowledge" platform, I got a similar erogenous email. They're actively scanning, and reviewing what I have archived. What if it's something private and personal? That I absolutely under NO CONDITION want anyone to review? I do not feel comfortable with this. "Paid users also get zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption, which is a pretty heavy-duty security feature. Zero-knowledge encryption means that you’re the only one who knows your password. Not even Degoo can access your files. Of course, you’ll want to be careful turning this encryption on, since Degoo won’t be able to help you if you ever forget your password. " I don't think this is "zero knowledge".
  • FrancisTroy
    I ran into the same problem with Degoo. Using it for backup and the stupid Bot is snooping in my files sending me a copyright infringement warning with a threat to terminate my account.