Samsung confirms it: No fix coming for Galaxy S24 Ultra's vivid display mode issue

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra S Pen.
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Reports have started filing in from users who’ve gotten their hands on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra early that the phone’s new vivid display mode is not quite living up to that of older models — but according to Samsung, it’s supposed to be that way. 

In a statement made to Teknofilo (via Android Police), Samsung Spain says that "some changes have been made to the display technology to provide a more natural viewing experience" (as deciphered by Google Translate).

The statement continues to say that "users may notice differences in color depth compared to older devices" and from Samsung's perspective, the new color and brightness settings will "provide more accurate and comfortable viewing."

If you’re unfamiliar with the vivid display mode, it has been a top feature on Samsung models for several years, giving users the ability to boost colors so they appear more vibrant, rather than more realistic and natural. 

This debunks claims from a Samsung chat representative that suggested the screen issue was soon to be fixed. The employee previously said the Samsung development team was “currently working now to fix this issue on your device”. The employee then went on to reassure the user, stating that the upcoming software update “will fix our problem on our Samsung S24.” However, this is not the case. 

Issues are widespread

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in hand showing display and home screen

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Several Reddit threads and forums confirmed that the issue was widespread, with users claiming the vivid mode was much more washed out than normal and even posted screenshots in comparison with older devices.

For most users, the problem occurs when they switch the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen to the vivid display mode. When compared to the S23 Ultra’s vivid mode, which would typically show more color depth than that of the Natural profile, the S24 Ultra shows little to no difference between the modes.

We are unsure if this chat representative was uninformed or whether Samsung has changed its mind on fixing the issue. It seems that the current configuration is one that Samsung will stick with, but we can only speculate. We will keep you updated on any changes, but for now, it’s safe to assume we’re stuck with the current vivid display mode.

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  • Technerd71
    This is the biggest nothing issue ever. Can you say user error? It is simply a setting called adaptive color tone which works much like Apple's true tone. Turn the setting off and adjust the vivid settings and you will get the same cold punchy display everyone seems to miss.

    Samsung really should have marketed this specific feature, adaptive color tone to educate customers before they buy so something like what is have doesn't.