Samsung Galaxy S23 tipped to get these 4 AI features later this year

Samsung Galaxy S23 cameras up close
(Image credit: Future)

Last month Samsung confirmed that Galaxy AI features, which debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S24, would be coming to older phones. Specifically the Galaxy flagships released in 2023, like the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. There was no word on which features would make the jump at the time, but now Samsung may have spilled the beans.

As spotted by Twitter/X user Tarun Vats, Samsung’s official comparison page now reveals a number of Galaxy AI features that are listed as “Coming soon” for the Galaxy S23 range. They include Circle to Search, Live Translate, Note Assist and Photo Assist. 

The images only confirm that these features are set to come to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But since the comparisons aren’t set to any other 2023 phones, we can’t see specifically which features will be coming to other devices. Just that everything from 2022, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra will be missing out. The same is true for mid-range handsets like the Galaxy A54, which is no huge surprise.

Samsung did confirm all Galaxy S23 series phones would be getting Galaxy AI in the first half of the year, as will the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Tab S9. It’s just unclear when we can expect it to happen, or if Galaxy AI features will roll out to all seven devices at the same time.

Galaxy AI features on the way

An image showing the Samsung Galaxy S24 with the Circle to Search feature being used on screen

(Image credit: Future)

So what exactly are these features coming to 2023 Samsung devices? The big one is the new Circle to Search, which is looking like it’ll be exclusive to Samsung and Google Pixel phones in the immediate future. The idea here is to make it easier to search for stuff, using the phone’s home button (or gesture) and drawing a circle on screen. 

The AI then identifies the object or text, and asks Google Search to find it for you. A little bit like Google Lens, but slightly easier to activate and refine.

Live Translate is rather self-explanatory, allowing real-time, two-way translations of voice and text during phone calls in the Samsung phone app. Which is perfect if you need to speak to someone and neither of you share a common language.

Note Assist uses AI to summarize your Samsung Notes into something a little easier to read back. Photo Assist is a bigger deal, letting you alter aspects of your photos, including angles, and letting generative AI fill in the blanks. 

If you’ve never used AI before, these will all seem like pretty cool features to have. Especially if you have no intention of upgrading to the more feature-rich Samsung Galaxy S24 anytime soon. 

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