YouTube TV's $100-off NFL Sunday Ticket deal ends today — how to save big now

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Today is your last day to get the NFL Sunday Ticket package for the 2023-24 season for the cheapest price possible. Yes, now that Alphabet's YouTube TV is the exclusive distributor for Sunday Ticket and its NFL live streams (every Sunday afternoon game, and sometimes more), there are two ways to save — and one expires in less than 24 hours. 

Following last year's announcement that YouTube TV intercepted Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, we learned that Sunday Ticket alone will cost $450 — unless you buy early or subscribe to YouTube TV. Those two ways to save can give you up to $200 off Sunday Ticket's normal price.

The more timely, of course, expires today (June 6), so don't think about waiting until tomorrow (June 7) when the $100 discount expires. You can sign up directly through YouTube here, by clicking on the "Get NFL Sunday Ticket" button.

But, those who subscribe to YouTube TV (one of the best cable TV alternatives) can get a second $100 discount, by buying it through YouTube TV. If you're wondering, YouTube TV costs $73 per month, which is $876 per year.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Bought by June 6thBought after June 6
YouTube TV subscribers pay:$249 for Sunday Ticket$349 for Sunday Ticket
Non-subscribers pay:$349 for Sunday Ticket$449 for Sunday Ticket

But what about RedZone, I hear you ask? YouTube is bundling it in for $40 extra.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Bought by June 6thBought after June 6
YouTube TV subscribers pay:$289 for Sunday Ticket + RedZone$389 for Sunday Ticket + RedZone
Non-subscribers pay:$389 for Sunday Ticket + RedZone$389 for Sunday Ticket + RedZone

Outlook: YouTube's looking like a good home for Sunday Ticket

Late last month, YouTube TV revealed that its initial fine print for NFL Sunday Ticket was getting improved. Originally, you were only going to be able to watch on two devices at once. Now, YouTube's letting subscribers use Sunday Ticket on an unlimited number of devices, provided that they're all in the same household. 

If you're outside of that household? Well, you're going to be limited to two additional streams. As much as we wish NFL Sunday Ticket was unlimited everywhere, we live in the era of Netflix's password-sharing crackdown.

That said, it's not difficult to imagine YouTube's unlimited screen count for at-home NFL Sunday Ticket enabling the best home-bars ever. Some Tom's Guide staffers note that this is already taking place in larger garages.

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