Xbox Series X could get killer exclusives against PS5 with this $4 billion move

Xbox Series X could get killer exclusives against PS5 with this $4 billion move
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The Xbox Series X will need a strong lineup of exclusive games beyond just Halo Infinite to take on the PS5. And that’s what Microsoft might be working on by reportedly looking at buying Warner Bros. Interactive. 

WB Interactive has already had a lot of interest in it from game publishers like Electronic Arts, Blizzard, and Activision, but The Information reported that Microsoft is the latest company to eye-up the video game division of Warner Bros. However, it will likely need to fork over around $4 billion to do so, as that’s what parent company AT&T is supposedly looking to sell the company for, according to CNBC

Microsoft is no stranger when it comes to buying out game developers and then bringing them under the Xbox Game Studios banner. It’s already bought Minecraft developer Mojang, Obsidian Entertainment, Rare, Playground Games, and The Coalition to name just a handful. 

Buying WB Interactive would be a big step for Microsoft, as it would not simply be purchasing a studio but a fully-fledged publisher. Doing so would give Xbox Game Studios access to popular game IPs such as Harry Potter, Batman, Mortal Kombat and LEGO. 

This would then put Microsoft in a position to have a whole slew of exclusive games for its Xbox Series X, the alleged Xbox Series S, and Windows 10 gaming PCs. That could then give Redmond’s next-generation console, or indeed consoles, an edge of the PS5. 

Sony’s upcoming console already has a few exclusives lined up, such as Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, and more are set to come. But its range of exclusives isn’t exactly expansive at the moment. So if Microsoft were to buy WB Interactive and use it to produce a range of exclusive games, the PS5 could be put on the back foot. 

However, there’s no concrete proof that Microsoft will indeed buy WB Interactive. So we’ll just have to wait for it’s July 23 exclusive Xbox games event to see what’s currently in the works for first-party Xbox Series X games. 

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