Verizon enters PS5 restock game — what you need to know

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Three-hundred and sixty three days after the PS5 was released, it still remains nearly impossible to find. And that limited stock is about to get spread ever so slightly thinner, as wireless carrier Verizon now carries the console on both its website and in “a handful of pilot stores.”

This isn’t a game changer, as Verizon spokesperson Chris Serico told CNET that the console would only be available in a “very limited quantity." All the same, it’s one more place to check if you’re tracking PS5 restocks, though at the time of writing both the $400 All Digital version and standard $499 model are out of stock.

Theoretically, you may have slightly more luck at Verizon, because online purchases require you to have both a wireless account and an active service running. While that’s not exactly unusual, given Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the country, it does at least reduce the number of competitors a little. 

This restriction isn’t in place for in-store purchases, apparently, but given Serico didn’t specify which “handful” of stores would get stock, it probably wouldn’t be worth showing up on the off chance.

All sales will be made on a “first-come, first-serve basis”, and the company will also be selling other accessories including the Pulse 3D headset, DualSense controllers, controller charging station, HD camera and the PS5 media remote.

We’d have hoped PS5 stock would be more freely available as we approach the console’s first year anniversary, but demand is still seriously outstripping supply. It has meant that certain retailers including GameStop and Best Buy have put up early-access programs to give customers a better chance of getting their hands on the hardware. 

Those unable to get a PS5 as yet can comfort themselves with the knowledge that there’s still very few must-play titles that are exclusive to the system. As our list of the best PS5 games demonstrates, the majority of the system’s top games are freely available for PS4, with only minor control, frame rate and graphical differences separating the two tiers. 

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