11 top new movies to stream this week on Netflix, Hulu and more (Nov. 7-13)

Marisa Tormei, Peter Dinklage and Anne Hathaway in She Came to Me
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This week brings lots of new movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu and the other major streaming services. At the top of the slate is David Fincher's latest thriller, The Killer, which stars Michael Fassbender as the titular assassin.

Looking for a romantic comedy? Rebecca Miller also releases her new film, the romantic comedy She Came to Me, with Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei. And Nicolas Cage churns out another addition to his credits, the gritty Western Butcher's Crossing.

Some titles are newly available via digital release, so you can purchase them for a premium price, but for others, all you need is the right streaming subscription. Here are the top new movies streaming this week. 

Butcher’s Crossing (PVOD)

It feels like rarely a week goes by without a new Nicolas Cage movie. The actor has been busy of late! This Western psychological drama set in 1847 stars Cage as a mysterious, gruff buffalo hunter who claims to have come across a massive herd of the beasts in a secluded valley. All he needs to gain this valuable trove of pelts is a financial backer, whom he finds in privileged Harvard dropout Will (Fred Hechinger). Looking for adventure, Will invests his money in supplies and a crew. The arduous journey that follows tests everyone’s determination and mettle, leaving their sanity hanging precariously by a thread.

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Dumb Money (PVOD)

The GameStop stock brouhaha of 2021 is the latest entry in the true financial crime/scam/scandal genre. If you recall, the “short squeeze” has its origins on Reddit and managed to take down a hedge fund. The fictionalized adaptation centers on a regular guy named Keith Gill (Paul Dano) who starts it all by sinking his life savings into the stock and posting about it on message boards. His stock tip becomes a movement and his posts start blowing up — as does his life and the lives of many others. Billionaires unhappy about losing money fight back, the government gets involved and the market goes haywire. 

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Foe (PVOD)

The premise of this sci-fi thriller doesn’t just sound like a Black Mirror episode, it’s almost an exact clone of season 6’s “Beyond the Sea.” Any similarities are just a coincidence, of course. Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal play married couple Hen and Junior, who live on a Midwestern farm ravaged by climate change. One day, a mysterious stranger (Aaron Pierre) arrives with the news that Junior has been selected for a mission to colonize another planet. During the years he’s gone, the government will replace him with a robotic clone to keep Hen company. She’ll get to keep her husband … sort of. 

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The Inventor (PVOD)

This stop-motion animated biographical film about Leonardo da Vinci features a top-notch voice cast, including Stephen Fry, Marion Cotillard, Daisy Ridley and Matt Berry. The animation lends a witty playfulness to the chronicle of the Renaissance master’s life after he leaves Italy for France after enraging Pope Leo X. In his new country, da Vinci joins the French court, where he experiments with flying contraptions, invents machines and studies the human body, all in an effort to understand the meaning of life.

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Scrapper (VOD)

This quirky, heartwarming comedy takes a page from Wes Anderson in unfurling a story about a father and daughter who must figure out how to live together. Georgie (Lola Campbell) is a sharp 12-year-old girl who secretly lives alone in a London flat after the death of her mother. She makes money stealing bikes with her best friend and makes up an uncle to keep social workers at bay. Then, out of nowhere, her estranged father Jason (Harris Dickinson) arrives on the scene. He's completely at sea with parenting, and Georgie isn't about to be helpful.

Rent/buy on Amazon or Apple starting Nov. 7

The League (Hulu)

This documentary examines the impact of the Negro League on baseball in the first half of the 20th Century. Rare archival footage is mixed with unseen interviews with legendary players like Satchel Paige and Buck O’Neil, whose careers paved the way for Jackie Robinson to break the color line in Major League Baseball. as Hall of Famers Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, who started out in the Negro Leagues, also weigh in, as do umpires, cultural figures and historians. Filmmaker Sam Pollard presents a dynamic tribute to the Black athletes of that era. 

Watch on Hulu starting Nov. 9

Dicks: The Musical (PVOD)

Think “Profane Parent Trap.” This raunchy comedy expands on a two-person off-Broadway show created by writer/stars Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. They play Trevor and Craig, self-obsessed business rivals who discover they are long-lost twins who were separated at birth. After discovering each other’s existence, they hatch a scheme to reunite their divorced mother (Megan Mullally) and father (Nathan Lane). Along the way, they sing, dance and let loose an untold number of F-bombs.

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Fool’s Paradise (Hulu)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia jokester Charlie Day makes his directorial debut with this showbiz satire stacked with cameos from his famous friends. A mute mental health patient (Day) is dumped on the street, where he catches the eye of a producer (the late Ray Liotta) desperate to replace a stubborn star. Renamed Latte Pronto, he’s soon embraced by Hollywood. He gains a frenetic publicist (Ken Jeong), shark of an agent (Edie Falco) and a glamorous wife (Kate Beckinsale), all while never speaking a word.

Watch on Hulu starting Nov. 10

The Killer (Netflix)

David Fincher returns to the director’s chair for the first time since 2020’s Mank and also returns to the thriller genre he has mastered with the likes of Se7en and Fight Club. When a job goes awry fro a professional assassin (Michael Fassbender), he finds himself the subject of an international manhunt. His attempts to contact his handler, an attorney named Hodges (Charles Parnell), go unanswered. When he discovers his girlfriend (Sophie Charlotte) was attacked as a make-good to the client, the killer embarks on a quest for vengeance.

Watch on Netflix starting Nov. 10

She Came to Me (PVOD)

Rebecca Miller comes off an even longer break from directing than Fincher — her last film was the 2017 documentary about her father, Arthur Miller. She also returns to a familiar genre with this romantic dramedy starring Peter Dinklage, Marisa Tomei and Anne Hathaway. In New York City, opera composer Steven Laudden (Dinklage) is suffering from creative block as a big deadline looms. Similarly, his marriage to his therapist wife, Patricia (Hathaway), is in a rut. One day, he has a chance encounter with a tugboat captain (Tomei) that provokes inspiration.

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Albert Brooks: Defending My Life (HBO)

Albert Brooks has been a major force in American comedy since the late 1960s. His unique, absurdist, highly intelligent humor has been on display in stand-up and movies, including Modern Romance and Lost in America. This documentary chronicles Brooks' career from his very early work to the present day. His friend, collaborator and fellow comedy icon Rob Reiner sits down with Brooks to discuss the impetus for his creativity and the impact he's had on pop culture.

Watch on Max starting Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. ET

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