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There’s usually a degree of predictability to the Netflix top 10 most-watched list. It’s no shock that Selling Sunset season 5 ranks number one and is closely followed by the likes of Bridgerton and The Ultimatum. But a new entry on the list is a show that’s come out of nowhere. 

The show is called Hold Tight and right now it’s the seventh most-watched TV show on Netflix U.S. Not bad for a series that most subscribers probably didn’t have on their radar prior to its debut last Friday (April 22). The six-part drama is set in Poland and focuses on the disappearance of a young man in the wake of his best friend's death. This initial mystery leads to all manner of secrets and lies unraveling in a tight-knit, affluent Warsaw suburb. 

The show stars Magdalena Boczarska, Leszek Lichota, Grzegorz Damiecki and Agata Labno. It's based on a New York Times bestseller by American author Harlan Coben but the miniseries comes from a Polish creative team. 

Of course, Coben is no stranger to having his works adapted by Netflix with miniseries based on his novels The Innocents and Stay Close hitting the streaming service last year, and a British adaptation of The Stranger making a real splash in 2020.

As for what to expect from Hold Tight, it’s another story very much in the vein of Coben’s previous works. There are plenty of twists and turns across the show’s six episodes, as well as some hard-hitting themes including parental control, teenage suicide and drug abuse. Each episode draws you further into the mystery before a finale bursting with revelations that you’re unlikely to see coming. All the ingredients for a show that could be worth binge-watching. 

Coben has an entire library of additional novels that Netflix has yet to touch. Don’t be surprised if the success of Hold Tight leads to books such as Six Years, Run Away and Play Dead being greenlit for adaptation. After all, it’s clear that Netflix subscribers can’t get enough of Coben’s unique brand of thrilling mystery and deadly deception. 

In other streaming news, TBS just canceled a Tracy Morgan show that you can currently watch on HBO Max (the best streaming service, by the way). The cancelation comes at an interesting time for TBS, which is moving away from scripted programming.

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