Stunning Samsung Galaxy S30 design reveals the future of smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S30 concept
(Image credit: AndroidLeo)

While we wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to arrive, we’ve got a glimpse at an intriguing, if far-fetched, concept design of the Samsung Galaxy S30

Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S30 Laser by its creator AndroidLeo, the concept envisions what the next-generation Galaxy S-series phone could look like. While a completely bezel-less display and quad rear-camera array seem obvious, the inclusion of touchscreen panels on the phone’s side is pretty out there. 

A bit like the MacBook Pro 2020’s Touch Bar, these touch-sensitive panels are envisioned as replacements for physical keys. The idea is to allow quick controls, such as phone, notifications, and music icons, to be placed on the edges of the Galaxy S30. This would eliminate the need for physical buttons that not only take up space but can degrade with use over time. 

It’s certainly an interesting and noble way to approach phone controls. But how practical such digital buttons would be in real-world use is questionable. Apple’s Touch Bar has divided opinions and other touch-sensitive controls we’ve encountered can be rather temperamental. 

AndroidLeo’s concept Galaxy S30 also touts a 6.8-inch 4K AMOLED display with an under-display fingerprint sensor as well as what appears to be an under-display 25MP selfie camera, something that would certainly shake-up phone design for 2021. 

Speaking of cameras, the rear-camera setup comprises a 108MP main camera (as seen in the Galaxy S20 Ultra) a 16MP telephoto lens, a 13MP ultrawide camera, and an 8MP UltraMacro sensor. That’s an array of cameras that should fulfill all manner of smartphone photography needs. 

The Samsung Galaxy S30 Laser video doesn't mention any internal specifications, but we’d speculate that it could be the first Samsung phone to come with the Exynos 1000. That’s a chip that is looking likely to be the fruits of a collaboration between Samsung and AMD, mixing the former's mobile chip prowess with the latter’s graphic tech. 

We’ve talked about how such a chip could be used to power the Nintendo Switch 2, But there’s a good chance that it would be used in a next-generation Galaxy phone, potentially bringing in enough graphical grunt to allow a phone to run games with more console-like graphics and fidelity. 

The Galaxy S20 phones are an impressive but arguably not groundbreaking upgrade over the Galaxy S10 phones. So for the Galaxy S30, there’s scope for Samsung to pull a really special phone out of the bag, potentially drawing inspiration from some of the ideas we see this concept design. 

And given the iPhone 12 is shaping up to be an impressive smartphone, with a 120Hz display and a camera suite derived from the iPad Pro 2020, Samsung will need to bring its A-game to its 2021 phones. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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  • JACrazy
    Touch sensitive buttons on the side of a phone. Terrible idea. Why do we bother with these concept posts when the dream phone will always be bezel free, invisible camera front faces. Thats why this guy had to think of something to do with the phone's side.

    I propose my Samsung design to have zero buttons at all. It will be fully gapless as it will have no openings for speakers or charging ports, or cameras.
    Instead it will use screen vibration technology to transmit sounds, and rely purely on wireless charging. All cameras will be under the glass on both sides. The result of this, is that the entire phone is encased in glass, with no creases at all, leading to a fully waterproof phone. To hard reset the phone it will come with a very strong magnet that when held on the bottom of the phone, it will push the required button inside the case. It will be called the Samsung Glassaxy Max. Do I need to create an unrealistic render for it to be blogged about?
  • GastroHub
    I cant believe your editor allowed you to publish this trash clickbait article. You guys have no shame