Samsung is bringing AI-powered image editing from Galaxy S23 to Galaxy S22

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Last year Samsung released the experimental “Enhance-X” app, with the goal of offering AI-infused image editing on its phones. A beta version was rolled out to Galaxy S23 phones back in April, bringing those tools to the masses.  But what about people with a Galaxy S22 series device? Well it sounds like you don't have to wait much longer for your own shot at using Enhance-X.

According to a community forum moderator in charge of Galaxy camera updates (via SamMobile), the Galaxy S22 version of the Enhance-X app is almost finished. In fact those of you rocking last year’s flagship should get access to the app “in about 2-3 weeks,” the moderator says — though this schedule has not been finalized yet.

It turns out the Galaxy S23 and S22 won’t be the only devices that support the Enhance-X app, either. Samsung didn’t divulge many details other than the fact support for other devices is in the works — including unspecified A-series phones. So there’s a very good chance that users of the midrange Galaxy A54 handset could enjoy AI-image editing capabilities in the near future.

It’s not clear when Samsung will release a stable version of the app right now, and if other devices will get beta access before then. We’re just going to have to wait and see how that pans out over the coming weeks and months.

What is the Galaxy Enhance-X app?

As the name suggests, the Galaxy Enhance-X app is all about giving you the tools you need to edit and improve your photos after you’ve taken them. The idea is that the app’s AI will do most of the work for you, detecting errors and flaws in the photo — including noise, blur, loss of detail and so on.

With AI tools at its disposal, Enhance-X can go about fixing the problems and improving the photo for you. Your options are to have all the editing done automatically by using the app’s “Magic Button,” or to use a set of sliders and manually tune the picture to your liking. 

Editing tools included in the app include expanding the dynamic range, upscaling to higher levels of resolution, removing shadows, correcting lens distortion, improving focus and many more. Samsung claims Enhance-X can even remove wave patterns, typically found when people take photos of monitors or TV screens. 

You can check out some examples of the AI tools in action on the Galaxy S23 in our Galaxy Enhance-X hands-on.

Images get saved as copies, and thus don’t overwrite the original. That way you still have all your photos to hand, on the off chance the AI goes a little bonkers and takes things too far. Plus the app is still in beta, so it’s extra important to have that additional safety net.

Galaxy S23 owners can already download the beta from the Galaxy App Store, and S22 owners shouldn’t have too long to wait. From the sound of things you just need to sit tight and be patient for a few more weeks.

It's worth noting that Google has already announced a similar tool in the form of Magic Editor. Announced at Google I/O earlier this month, Magic Editor expands on the smart editing capabilities of Magic Eraser, by letting you brighten images, shift the framing of a photo or removing unwanted people and objects with the tap of a button. Magic Editor gets rolled into Google Photos later this year.

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