Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 just tipped for surprise new color

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 on table
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Samsung is not known for taking risks when it comes to color options on its Galaxy Z Fold handset. And up until now, potential Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors touted in rumors about the upcoming phone have been true to Samsung's buttoned-down approach to this particular product.

But the next version of the Galaxy Z Fold could be in line for a jolt of color after all, if a rumor tweeted out by an industry insider turns out to be accurate.

Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, took to Twitter to suggest a fourth color option for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be available in limited qualities. And that extra color is being described as "Dark Red."

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Young seems to have some source on potential Galaxy Z Fold 4 colors. He's the person who previously suggested that the foldable would be available in beige, black and gray when it arrives as expected later this summer. Another leaker, Jon Prosser, believes the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is coming in green in addition to black and beige.

A fourth color would be a departure for Samsung in a couple different ways. First, the phone maker isn't exactly known for offering a rainbow of options when it comes to Galaxy Z Fold colors. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 had three color options at launch and the Galaxy Z Fold 2 stuck to just a pair of colorways.

Galaxy Z Fold colors also tend to be pretty staid. The current version of the foldable is available in Phantom Black, Phantom Green and Phantom Silver — fitting options for a phone touted as productivity booster for on-the-go workers. The beige, black and gray options Young had previously touted seem to be in that same vein.

But Dark Red has some recent history with Samsung. After all, the Galaxy S22 Ultra released earlier this year comes in a burgundy hue, and we'd expect that's pretty close to the Dark Red color Young is tweeting about. It's possible that Samsung is considering offering some continuity among its high-end flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra reveal

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Potential colors are always a talking point about rumored phones, though they're hardly the biggest features tipped for the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The upcoming foldable is rumored to be getting a redesigned hinge that will make the phone more portable. The crease that's appeared across screens of previous models could be less visible this time around. And Samsung is rumored to be turning to the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 system-on-chip, which could boost both performance and power efficiency.

We're expecting to see the Galaxy Z Fold 4 along with other new Samsung devices during a Galaxy Unpacked event in August. You can read our Samsung Unpacked Event August 2022 preview to see what else Samsung could have in store at that product showcase. 

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