Samsung Galaxy S22 just got a big camera upgrade to fight Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22
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The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup has some pretty impressive cameras. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is currently one of our best camera phones. Still, we’ve found that Samsung’s cameras lag a bit behind the offerings from Apple and Google.

Samsung is looking to change that with its latest announcement. Today it is rolling out updates to both its Expert RAW app and a brand new Camera Assistant app to ensure users get professional-looking shots every time — even when looking at the night sky.  

Samsung Galaxy S22 Astrophoto


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The biggest headline is a new Astrophoto feature in the Expert RAW app called Sky Guide. This new feature guides users to specific constellations or other points in the night sky to take photos to rival the Webb Telescope (okay, that may be hyperbole). Once guided to the right spot, the app will use AI and multi-frame processing technology to snap several photos over a set period and then combine them into one beautiful shot.

This feature puts the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup right against Google Pixel phones, which have touted an astrophotography feature since the Google Pixel 5. It remains to be seen which phone now shines the brightest — or rather, lets the stars shine brightest. 

Samsung Expert RAW: Multiple exposures 

Samsung Multiple exposure feature in Expert RAW.

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In addition to Astrophoto, the Expert RAW app for the S22 series is also getting a Multiple exposures feature. This feature uses the Expert RAW app to shoot several pictures at once and use Overlay modes to combine these photos into a single shot. This feature also allows users to get creative and combine several images on top of each other through the same Overlay modes to create truly unique pictures.

To access these new features, make sure you have the Expert RAW app downloaded. Then, go to the Setting menu in Expert RAW and select Special Photo options. This will allow you to activate the beta versions of both Astrophoto and Multiple exposures.

Samsung Camera Assistant updates 


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Samsung also announced a brand new camera app called Camera Assistant. This app is all about letting users shoot photos their way, and giving them the ability to fully customize how their Galaxy S22 camera operates.

Camera Assistant lets users turn off a number of options, including Auto HDR, Auto lens switching and also lets them turn on new features like Faster shutter mode. Faster shutter is brand new to Camera Assistant and allows users to take up to seven photos in a single second. None of these features are inherently good or bad, but the Camera Assistant app gives you total control so they work exactly how you want them to work.

To download Camera Assistant, just head over to the Galaxy store. You can also get Expert RAW from the Galaxy store as well if you haven’t already. And make sure to keep an eye out for Maintenance Mode. This new feature also started rolling out today and allows certain One UI 5 users to lock out technicians from their personal data when having their phone repaired. 

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  • Steven90
    The new features seems great, it definitely will give Samsung phones more versatility when taking photos.

    But there just seems to be a problem (for me anyways) I've just updated the Expert Raw app ( and tried the using Sky guide. Every time I switch it to "show" it crashes. I dont know if anyone else is experiencing this but I hope Samsung patches it quickly.