Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be sporting this iPhone-beating surprise

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series are almost on shelves, but Samsung is ahead of the curve, already prepping the chipsets set to go into the next generation of phones. Whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ends up sporting the new technology or it's reserved for the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S21, competitors like Apple and Huawei are set to have serious competition. 

In a blog post on Samsung's Newsroom site, it announced a 7 nanometer (nm) and 6nm mobile processor manufacturing line. According to the South Korean phone manufacturer, complicated chipset patterns need to be bigger in order to provide the phone with more processing power. Its new technology allows complicated patterns like these to be scaled down to a smaller size in a process known as EUV (extreme ultraviolet) manufacturing.

It's a move set to provide "an optimal choice for next-generation applications such as 5G, AI and Automotive." Automotive is an interesting choice of words. Just as Apple's new CarKey software comes into the limelight, it's telling Samsung is also looking at integrating its phones with cars in a big way. 

Apple's feature will allow you to open and start cars that are equipped with NFC sensors, using a virtual key stored in the Apple Wallet app. Samsung could be looking towards building a rival, powered with this advanced new chipset.

Many mobile CPUs in current flagships, such as the Snapdragon 865 and Apple's latest A13 and A12 processors, are packing a 7nm architecture. If Samsung can crack 6nm processor tchnology in time for its next big launch – that would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, then – it will create the same incredible power with an even smaller architecture, allowing flagships to get even thinner, and use less power, while still retaining the same processing brute force of their predecessors. 

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could pack even more power thanks to Samsung's new tech (Image credit: Windows United)

While all that sounds pretty impressive, Samsung's got even more great stuff lined up for the future. In the same post, Samsung stated it will "continue to adopt finer circuitry up to the 3nm process node." So expect mobile CPUs to deliver big power within even smaller sizes over the years, or include them in naturally smaller devices such as wearables and smartwatches to give them all the power of a smartphone.

Although we're expecting big things from Samsung Galaxy S20's Snapdragon 865, we can't wait to see what the future has in store for the next glut of Samsung devices, starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It's going to give iPhone 12, the Huawei P40 and other future flagships a run for their money in the specs stakes.

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  • Pat Flynn
    Going from 7nm to 6nm isn't going to gain a whole lot. I believe the SD 865's are already on 7nm EUV, plus, being that small they are already 'developing' smaller scale than the transistors themselves. This means that while we can 'develop' at 6 or 7nm, the transistors themselves aren't this small. Silicon processing size has pretty much become a sales 'buzz word'. Yes, we do see some gains, but nowhere near what we used to since around 22nm.
  • fritzb43
    admin said:
    Samsung reveals the chip that will create even more power in its next-gen handsets

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be packing this iPhone-beating surprise : Read more
    Sorry, but Samsung has been blacklisted by friends and family. From phones to tablets to even refrigerators, Samsung as a brand has been a hideous, lumbering disaster. Avoiding this brand altogether saves us lots of time in evaluating new purchases. (HP is another brand that has been consigned to the netherworld.)