PS5 restock update — here’s when big inventory drop is coming

PS5 restock
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Finding where to buy the PS5 remains a nightmare even some three months after its release, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. And it comes in the form of a big PS5 restock tipped to land in the U.K. in March. 

That’s according to reasonably reliable tipster PS5 UK Stock - Instant Updates, who flagged that a bevy of PS5 pre-orders was recently live at U.K. retailer Game in preparation for next month’s big restock. And that’s good news for PS5 restocks in general, as it hints that March could see a surge in PS5 console availability.  

Unfortunately, during the writing of this article, pre-orders are all sold out. Such is the speed at which PS5 stock will shift, even if buyers have to wait weeks to get their new consoles. 

And sadly, it appears that some opportunistic people are trying to sell their pre-order slots on eBay for inflated prices, much to the ire of legitimate PlayStation fans on Twitter. 

The scalping of PS5, Xbox Series X stock, as well as new graphics cards like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon.

As such, if and when more PS5 stock does drop in March, you’ll need to be prepared to move very fast to grab it. We have a variety of tips and tricks to help you out, as well as a dedicated where to buy the PS5 in the U.K. article to help Britain-based PlayStation fans.

We’re hoping that these tips of major PS5 restocks are indicative of Sony getting on top of the overwhelming demand for the PS5. Now, we don’t expect the PS5 to be easy to buy for a while, but hopefully, the stock shortages won’t last beyond the summer.

Of course, we’ve argued for some time that there's no need to rush out and get a PS5 as there are simply not enough PS5 games to make the desperate attempts to get either the disc or disc-less PS5 consoles worth the hassle.

Having said that, the PS5 update to God of War does present a compelling argument for getting Sony's new console. But if you can wait a little longer, then by the time you get a PS5 there could be a lot more compelling exclusive games, as evidenced by our most anticipated PS5 games.

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