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Peloton rowing machine could be coming soon — app leaks possible details

Peloton rowing machine rumor
Peloton could be working on a rowing machine similar to the Hydrow (above). (Image credit: Hydrow)

It’s long been rumored that Peloton has plans to add a rowing machine to its offering of home workout equipment, but it looks like the launch could be sooner rather than later thanks to the discovery of some hidden Android app code. 

As spotted by 9to5Google, in the latest update of the Peloton app for Android users, there are references to stroke positions and scenic backdrops in new lines of code. While there’s no names of specific rivers or routes, it’s thought that similar to the Peloton bike’s “Just Ride” feature, the backdrops will give users the option to “Just Row” on some of the world’s most famous waterways. 

Peleton rowing machine: What do we know so far?

Those digging into the code have discovered two different code names, Mazu and Ceasar, suggesting that Peloton might be adding two rowing machines to its collection. From the functionality being prepared in the app, it’s thought that users will be able to track their total strokes as well as measuring their max stroke rate and average stroke rate.

While there's been no word on price yet, similar smart rowing machines such as the Hydrow cost over $2000. The Peloton Bike starts at $1895 and the treadmill starts at $2495. For both, you need to pay the monthly Peloton subscription fee of $39 to access the classes. 

What have Peloton said about the release? 

So far, Peloton have remained pretty tight-lipped about the launch; however, a recent job post for a ‘Senior Product Safety Engineer’ mentioned the rower for the first time. The job advert has since been removed, but part of the description read, “The opportunity around Peloton Connected Devices is significant and growing – there are already more connected things than people in the world. These devices, ranging from tiny sensor based devices to powerful devices such as Bikes, Treadmills, Rowers and future large scale products that will/have a profound impact on our daily lives.”

It is thought that the “tiny sensor based devices” mentioned in the job advert could be a Peloton smartwatch, after it acquired three different companies: Atlas Wearables, Aiqudo, and Otari last December. In addition to rumors about wearables, there is speculation that the acquisition of the three companies could result in other interactive tech, such as a smart workout mirror. 

When the rower might come to market is still guess work, but the indications are that if code is being developed for the Android app, we might not have too long to wait. 

Peloton saw huge growth during the pandemic, for obvious reasons, but in recent months the tech giant has come under fire following the recall of the Tread and Tread+ over safety concerns, following the death of a child. 

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