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Peloton rowing machine — what we know so far

a photo of the peloton rower
(Image credit: Peloton)

It’s long been rumored that Peloton has plans to add a rowing machine to its range of home workout equipment, but it was finally confirmed today at the brand's Homecoming event. 

Peloton instructor Adrian Williams took to the virtual stage saying, "we see you showing up every day to bike, run, box, hit the mat for yoga, strength classes and more. So we thought you should be the first to know that we are bringing you another way to work out". Williams is then seen jumping on the rower, to the soundtrack of Terror Squad's Lean Back. 

But when will the Peloton rower be released, what is it likely to cost, and will you be able to fold it up, or is it time to turn your spare room into a gym? Here's what we know so far. 

Peloton Rower: Price 

Rather than slowing down, it seems the brand, which has made headlines as of late for its dwindling stocks, staff cuts, and halt of production on its bikes and treadmills, is expanding.  

Peloton's official statement regarding the Rower reads: "We’re G[row]ing: The rumors are true - Peloton will be bringing its best-in-class fitness experience to the world of rowing! Combining cardio and strength - Peloton is excited to add this total body workout into its powerhouse arsenal of content and grow its connected fitness portfolio with even more options for engaging and challenging workout experiences."

While there's been no word on price yet, similar smart rowing machines such as the Hydrow cost over $2000. The Peloton Bike starts at $1,895 and the Peloton Tread starts at $2,495. For both, you need to pay the monthly Peloton subscription fee of $39 to access the classes. 

Peloton Rower: Release date 

When the rower might come to market is still a question mark. Typically, it's a couple of months between a product being announced and being able to ship it to your home. For context, the Peloton Guide was announced on 9 November 2021 but wasn't available to buy until 5 April 2022. 

If Peloton follows the same lead time here, you can expect to be able to shop the rower in the fall. 

We have reached out to Peloton to confirm the price, subscription, and release date, but have not had a response yet. 

a photo of the peloton rower

(Image credit: Peloton)

Peloton Rower: Design 

So what do we know about the design of the Peloton Rower? Again, not that much, but from the video it seems, like all of Peloton's products, it'll focus around a large screen where you can take classes. 

What we'd love to see from the Rower is the ability to fold the seat up and out of the way, especially as not many people have the luxury of space when installing gym equipment into their homes, but we'll have to wait and see. 

What else happened at the Homecoming event? 

If you're already a Peloton user, here's what else happened at the Homecoming event: 

  • New Peloton Guide classes announced: Peloton announced three new programmes: the initially Peloton Guide-exclusive Arms with Tunde, the performance-oriented Peak Your Power Zone Program and The Approach: Path to Inversion with Kirra, a new yoga series.
  • New features: Soon, you'll be able to schedule workouts with Peloton pals. Using your Peloton Bike, Tread and App, you'll be able to "Start classes at the same time, and ride, run, lift and flow in sync", Peloton says.
  • Improved tracking: Peloton users will be able to track freeform workouts — like outdoor running, cycling, and walking — on the Peloton App.
  • TalkBack on Tread: Peloton also announced a new accessibility feature, that will allow "blind and low vision Members will be able to navigate and access programming and metrics on the Tread via Google’s TalkBack screen reader, and will also receive real-time feedback about their speed and incline changes".

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