Can you do Peloton rowing workouts on your own rowing machine?

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Rowing is an excellent full-body workout — when done with the correct form, a session on the rower can work up to 85% of your muscles, including your legs, back, arms, shoulders, and core. It also works on your cardiovascular fitness without the impact, builds power and endurance, and torches calories. 

If, however, you’re bored of your weekly rowing sessions in the gym, you might be keen to hear whether you’ll be able to do Peloton rowing workouts on your own rowing machine. The Peloton Row is the latest product in Peloton’s home workout repertoire, but at $3,200, it won’t be in everyone’s budget. Will the Peloton rowing workouts be available on the app, like the Tread and Bike classes are? We contacted Peloton to find out more. 

Read what happened when we went hands-on with the Peloton Row here. If you’re new to rowing, check out our guide on how to use a rowing machine, plus the best fitness trackers to wear in the gym. 

When will the Peloton Row be available? 

Peloton Row costs $3,195 including delivery and setup, making it the priciest workout machine currently offered by the company. As of September 20, Peloton Row is available for preorder. Peloton has not stated an exact Peloton Row release date, but has promised units will begin shipping in December 2022.

Peloton Row

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Will you be able to take Peloton rowing workouts on third-party rowing machines?

If you already have a rowing machine installed in your home, will you be able to use the Peloton app to take the classes? In a word, kinda. 

When we reached out to Peloton with this question, they confirmed that at launch, the rowing classes would not be available on the app. However, a small subset of rowing classes will be available at a later time on the app for existing members to try. 

Where else can you get rowing workouts? 

If you are looking for rowing workouts to mix up your time on the cardio machine, we’ve rounded up some of the best rowing workouts here by Pelé Zachariah, head of performance at Rowbots. For example, if you’re short on time, try this rowing HIIT workout: 

You will need to jump off and back onto the rower for this 20-minute blast.

Beginner: 200m row, 8 push-ups, 16 air squats (body-weight squats)

Intermediate: 350m row, 12 push-ups, 24 air squats

Advanced: 500m row, 16 push-ups, 32 air squats

Find your flow and move at a consistent pace from start to finish. Aim to hold similar split times on each rowing effort. Do as many rounds as possible.

If you’re looking for more rowing workouts, Apple Fitness+ has a selection of rowing workouts on its app, and from later this fall, you won’t need to own an Apple Watch to access Apple Fitness Plus workouts

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