New Returnal trailer shows off the PS5 exclusive's nightmarish enemies

(Image credit: Sony)

PS5 sci-fi/ horror exclusive Returnal is just a couple of weeks away from launch. As we gear up for release, prepare for a slew of trailers — including this new brand one that showcases some of the game's enemies in more depth. 

The roguelike is set to offer a unique take on gameplay that we haven't seen since the Mooncrash DLC for Prey. Players will be tasked with exploring an alien planet that protagonist Selene has crash landed onto, while solving puzzles in a creepy house that has appeared in the environment.   

The new trailer is all about the hostiles you'll run into on Atropos, and we're in for some freakish and terrifying encounters by the looks of things. First up is the Mycomorph, described as a "large fungus-like entity that can launch its own spores" to slow down its target's movement. 

Slightly less disturbing to look at, but somewhat more dangerous, is the Titanops. It moves quickly, but can also lunges and jump to get into range. That way it can dish out a good maiming courtesy of its bladed limb. 

The Automaton is kitted out with "rapidly firing guns" as well as a claw to lash out at and grab its target. The Gorgolith is an "ambush predator" that lies in wait beneath the sand. You'll have to watch out for its tail and tongue which it uses to lash out at you. 

There are a couple of enemies whose descriptions aren't provided, and they don't seem to be standard run-of-the-mill hostiles — at least that's what we assume from the context in the trailer. 

The Ixion is a "living sentient" and appears to be a form of intelligent life that has devolved into the monstrosity we see in the trailer. Lastly, the Infected Scout is some kind of spooky Selene clone a la Annihilation, but with more tentacles and powers.   

Returnal is coming to PS5 in April 30, and you can pre-order the Standard Edition or the Returnal Digital Deluxe Edition right now.

Shabana Arif

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