Massive Apple leak reveals launch dates for iPhone 12, ARM MacBook, Apple Glass and more

iPhone 12
(Image credit: Everything Apple Pro)

A leaker on Twitter has just seemingly revealed the launch dates for every product Apple plans to release between now and mid-fall — from the iPhone 12 to AirPower, the company's first MacBooks featuring Apple Silicon and even Apple Glass.

According to @komiya_kj, the late 2020 updates will begin on August 19 with a new iMac, AirPods Studio, HomePod 2 and HomePod Mini all announced via Apple's website. Earlier this morning, we learned the next iMac could launch in August, though it may only be a minor refresh and the new model will still incorporate an Intel CPU. This report would appear to align with that one.

Then, on September 8, is the big one — the iPhone 12 range, accompanied by Apple Watch Series 6, AirTags and a new iPad. However, that's probably the least surprising of all of Apple's upcoming reveals.

October 27 will reportedly bring the Apple's first ARM-powered MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro, as well as a new iPad Pro and new Apple TV. Within all that the company will reportedly find a space to launch AirPower after all, either during the September or October event.

Just over a year ago, Apple told us AirPower was dead, though it appears Cupertino's engineers have gotten around whatever roadblocks stalled development of Apple's original charging mat with some clever engineering. It may be accompanied by a smaller, single-purpose wireless charger called the AirPower Mini.

Oh, and in true Apple fashion, there's one more thing. Elsewhere, @komiya_kj added that Apple Glass may make an appearance in the October event, but only if that event happens in person. If it ends up being online, as September's iPhone reveal is certain to be, Apple won't reveal its first AR glasses.

That's a lot of products in a very short span of time. What's more, it consists of a few categories that are new for Apple, between the AirPods Studio over-the-ear headphones, AirTags NFC locators and AirPower charging mat.

It's no secret that many of these products have been in the works for years; nevertheless it's staggering to think we could potentially get them all in the space of three months. With the first batch of releases supposedly coming in mid-August, it shouldn't be long before we find out how accurate this timeline really is.

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