iMac 2020 could launch in August — but there's bad news

Apple iMac
(Image credit: MacRumors)

Apple’s iMac 2020 could be revealed in August, according to serial tech leaker Jon Prosser. But don’t expect it to have a new look or for it to use Apple’s custom ARM-based chips.

Prosser, who has a solid reputation for Apple insider knowledge, tweeted that despite the rumors of a new iMac coming this week, it will arrive in August. But he was clear than it won’t be powered by Apple SIlicon - Cupertino’s in-house chip initiative — nor will it sport a new all-in-one design that’s previously been hinted at. 

Rather, a new iMac will simply get a refreshed specs boost, likely with 10th Gen Intel Core processors and perhaps some enhanced graphics options. This isn’t a huge surprise, as it’s predicted that Apple will use its new ARM-based custom chips, not dissimilar to the ones it uses in the iPad Pro 2020, in new MacBook Pro machines this year.  

And when Apple does decide to fully redesign the iMac, that’s when we can expect it to make the move away from Intel processors for its desktop machines. Backing up this prediction and Prosser's claim was a tweet by another tech leaker called Jioriku, who also claimed that the upcoming iMac won’t be a redesigned machine.  

So with this taken into account, we’re likely to see a familiar iMac in the coming weeks with just a boosted spec to take it up to 2020 standards. We suspect Apple will do this quietly with a small site update rather than a major announcement. 

Things could change come 2021, when Apple finds its stride with its own ARM-based chips. It’s then that we can expect to see a redesigned iMac. Rumors and renders have suggested that such a machine will use a rather intriguing all-in-one design, with the keyboard built into the machine. 

How practical, and thus how likely, such a design will be is open to speculation. But 2021 is set to be an interesting year for Mac machines in general, as it’s when Apple will begin its move away from Intel chips with gusto. And early benchmark leaks suggest Apple Silicon could have plenty of performance in store. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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