LG M3 wireless OLED TV price revealed — you won’t believe how expensive it is

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LG makes some of the best OLED TVs you can buy, and its first wireless OLED TV is no exception.

It's called the LG M3 OLED TV and it ranges from a relatively tame 77-inch to a massive 97-inch OLED display. But that display also comes with a massive price tag. In the U.S., the 77-inch M3 OLED will set you back $4,999. and the 83-inch costs an eye-watering $7,999. But it's the 97-inch and its $29,999 price tag that will likely have your jaw on the floor.

And it's not going to be noticeably cheaper overseas. According to our friends over at T3, the 77-inch LG M3 OLED TV will cost £5,999.99 in the U.K., with the 83-inch priced at £7,999.99 and the 97-inch model breaking the bank at £27,999.99. 

The LG M3 OLED will launch in the U.K. this September, though the exact release date is unknown. LG says that the M3 will then “roll out to key markets including North America and Europe later this year” so expect it to launch here around or not too long after the U.K. launch. The M3 OLED TV is already available for purchase in South Korea.

LG M3 OLED TV: A (mostly) wire-free experience


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The LG M3 OLED TV may have a shocking price tag, but its spec sheet may manage to justify it. Because while this massive 97-inch OLED TV will certainly have an impressive display when we test it, it’s what you can’t see that will really impress you. To wit, the M3 uses an innovative new wireless solution to beam a signal from a box on one side of the room to a 'wireless' TV on the other. 

Unfortunately, at least for this year's model, LG hasn’t found a way to ditch the power cable like the Displace OLED TV, but it has managed to become the perfect TV for those concerned about cable management thanks to its Zero Connect Box.  

The LG M3 OLED’s Zero Connect Box, according to LG, can handle speeds of more than 5Gbps — a truly astonishing number.

This box allows you to plug in all your favorite streaming devices or your favorite gaming console and then stream it wirelessly to your TV all at 4K/120Hz. It has support for HDMI 2.1, USB, coaxial cable, ethernet and Bluetooth, so whether it's your Roku Streaming Stick 4K or your PS5 you won’t have any issues connecting to the Zero Connect Box. And the Zero Connect supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so no worries about having to sacrifice picture or audio quality.

Then once you’re plugged in, the Zero Connect wirelessly transmits everything at three times the speed of Wi-Fi 6e. That means the LG M3 OLED’s Zero Connect Box, according to LG, can handle speeds of more than 5Gbps — a truly astonishing number. 

The only catch is the Zero Connect Box does need a direct line of sight to the M3 OLED TV to work properly, but provided you can accommodate this requirement, you'll have a wire-free experience no other TV can match.

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