Forget Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: LG's crazy rollable phone just leaked

LG rollable phone
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If foldable phones are going to ever catch on, their prices are going to need to come down from the $1,500 to $2,000 range that they currently inhabit. But the rumored LG Rollable may be headed in a different direction.

A tweet from @cozyplanes, who’s a relative newcomer to the world of rumor-mongering, suggests that we can expect the LG Rollable to cost around $2,359. For context, that’s $350 more than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 commands, and that phone’s currently an eye-popping $1,999.

Although there's a Galaxy Z Fold 3 on the way that will likely be priced in the same ballpark, there's a reason LG’s rumored phone could commend such a high premium. As the name implies, the LG Rollable wouldn’t be a foldable phone, but rather one with a screen that rolls out to extend your work area.

That would mean no hinges like there are on current foldable phones from Samsung and Motorola, but it also might prove more costly to design. 

LG Rollable specs

In the LG Rollable tweet, @cozyplanes also suggests that we can expect a variety of specs from the device as well, such as a 7.4-inch rollable display with 2428 x 1080 resolution in phone mode and  2428 x 1366 dimension for video; there’s also a 2428 x 1600 resolution for something called productivity mode. The phone will allegedly feature 16GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and a 4,200 mAh battery.

But when might we be able to get our hands on this little marvel? The leaker suggests that the phone may have its official reveal in March, but it could potentially be delayed to June. 

News about LG’s rollable phone plans has leaked out at the same time that Samsung is talking up its own approach to foldables. Last week, Samsung Electronics president TM Roh announced that his company would come out with multiple foldable devices in the coming year, with plans to make foldables “more accessible.” We take that to mean “less expensive,” since the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the cheaper foldable devices you can get, and it will still set you back $1,380.

It sounds like LG’s prices are headed in the opposite direction, at least when it comes to the LG Rollable. But that could also be because this is a very different type of foldable device than what we’ve already seen.

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