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How to preorder the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra

Preorder the Galaxy S20
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It's official: Consumers can now preorder the Galaxy S20 from stores and carriers. So if you want to be among the first to preorder the Galaxy S20, you've come to the right place. We're showing you where and how to preorder the Galaxy S20, along with some Galaxy S20 promos you can take advantage of.  

As expected, Samsung announced three new phones at its last Unpacked event: the 6.2-inch Galaxy S20, 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 Plus, and the 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra. All three phones come with 5G connectivity, which makes the Galaxy S20 family the first flagships to fully embrace the new standard. 

Keep in mind that although preorders are now live, the S20 phones won't be available in stores or online till March 6. Currently, there are various ways to preorder the Galaxy S20. Here's a rundown of all of your options.

Galaxy S20 models and pricing
Model12GB RAM / 128GB12GB RAM / 512GB16GB RAM/ 512GB
Galaxy S20$999.99N/AN/A
Galaxy S20 Plus$1,199.99$1,299.99N/A
Galaxy S20 Ultra$1,399.99N/A$1,499.99

Samsung Galaxy S10 preorders

At Samsung, you can preorder the Galaxy S20 unlocked or via AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or U.S. Cellular. They even have some excellent preorder deals valid through March 5. For instance, consumers who preorder now can get a $100 Samsung credit with a Galaxy S20, $150 Samsung credit with a Galaxy S20 Plus, or a $200 Samsung credit with a Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

Meanwhile, consumers who trade-in an eligible device (Samsung, Apple, or Google phones only) can also get up to a $600 credit toward the purchase of any Galaxy S20 device. Trade-in credits are pretty generous and you can get $200 for an iPhone 6s. (By comparison the Apple Store only gives you an $80 credit for an iPhone 6s).  

Best Buy Galaxy S20 preorders

Best Buy's Galaxy S20 preorders are slightly more tempting than Samsung's. For instance, preorder the Galaxy S20 at Best Buy and you'll get up to $850 off. (The discount requires a preorder, activation, and trade-in). Plus, you'll also get up to a $200 Samsung credit based on which S20 you preorder. Keep in mind that Best Buy's trade-in requirements are a bit stricter. For instance, the oldest iPhone they'll accept for trade-in is the iPhone 7. 

Verizon Galaxy S20 preorders

Consumers looking to preorder the Galaxy S20 will be faced with a variety of options at Verizon, including a generous BOGO option. Currently, when you purchase a Galaxy S20 Plus or a Galaxy S20 Ultra , Verizon will give you a $1,050 credit toward the purchase of another Galaxy S20. Even better, if you opt for a Galaxy S20 Plus, you can save an extra $150. 

Alternatively, existing Verizon customers can get up to $300 off a new Galaxy S20 with trade-in. This offer requires that you have an active Verizon Unlimited plan. Finally, if you purchase any Galaxy S20 Plus or S20 Ultra, you'll get a $200 Samsung credit. The S20 Plus nets you a $150 Samsung credit, whereas the S20 Ultra gets you the full $200 credit. This deal stacks with all offers.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020. (No precise date has been set yet by Verizon). 

AT&T Galaxy S20 preorders

AT&T has one of the most attractive Galaxy S20 offers. Customers who preorder the Galaxy S20 and sign up for AT&T Unlimited Extra and AT&T Unlimited Elite will get a free Galaxy S20 and a Galaxy S20 Plus from $200. The requirements are that you buy your phones on an installment plan and trade-in an eligible smartphone. Unlimited Extra plans start at $75/month for one line. It includes unlimited talk, text, and data in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. You also get 5G access, standard def streaming, and 15GB mobile hotspot per line. 

Meanwhile, AT&T Unlimited Elite starts at $85/month for one line. It bumps you up to HD streaming, 30GB mobile hotspot per line, and HBO access. 

T-Mobile Galaxy S20 preorders

Like Verizon, T-Mobile is also offering a BOGO deal on Samsung's new phones. Preorder any Galaxy S20 at T-Mobile, and you'll get a $1,000 credit toward the purchase of another Galaxy S20 of equal or lesser value. You must add a new line to your account to take advantage of this deal. If you're already a T-Mobile customer, you'll need to add two new lines to qualify for the BOGO discount. 

Alternatively, customers who want to preorder the Galaxy S20 can get up to $500 off any Galaxy S20 when they trade-in an eligible device. 

Sprint Galaxy S20 preorders

At Sprint, new customers can get a Samsung Galaxy S20 for $0/month. The deal requires an eligible trade-in, 18-month lease, and a new line of service. Alternatively, if you lease a Galaxy S20, Sprint will give you another one for free. 

Sam's Club Galaxy S20 preorders

Wholesale retailer Sam's Club is one of the first retailers to offer a major discount on preorders of the Galaxy S20. Sam's Club members who preorder and activate any Galaxy S20 smartphone will receive up to a $200 Sam's Club eGift card. You have until 11:59pm ET Sunday, March 1 to preorder your phone and it must be purchased via a 2-year installment plan with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or U.S. Cellular. You'll get a $100 eGift card with the Galaxy S20, a $150 eGift card with the Galaxy S20 Plus, and a $200 eGift card with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Xfinity Mobile Galaxy S20 preorders

Customers who switch to Xfinity Mobile and purchase a Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra will receive $300 off their Galaxy S20 device. Existing Xfinity Mobile customers can also receive a $300 pre-paid card with the purchase of an S20 Galaxy smartphone. 

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