Google Maps just made it easier to find food delivery — here’s how

Google Maps food delivery
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Since most people are not going out to eat in restaurants these days, Google Maps made it easier to find delivery and takeout options near you. 

Google Maps users in the US, Canada and France can now use two search filters that spotlight nearby restaurants offering delivery and takeout. Whether you're looking to try a new cuisine, cater family dinner or support local businesses during these times, Google Maps makes it easy to find your next meal.

When you use the search filters, Google Maps provides a number of options to get the restaurants's grub to your (thoroughly washed) hands. In some cases you'll be able to order directly from the place's website, while certain locales will redirect you to one of the best food delivery apps on your iOS or Android device. 

If you're looking for grocery shopping options rather than takeout ones, check out our roundup of the best grocery delivery services for getting through social distancing, as well as our guide to Instacart, one of the most popular platforms right now.

Important: No matter if you use Google Maps to find delivery and takeout options, remember to tip delivery people and restaurants well. These essential workers are doing their best to keep everyone stuck at home fed.

How to find delivery and takeout options using Google Maps

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  1. Open the Google Maps app and make sure it's showing your current location.
  2. Tap 'Restaurants' beneath the search bar.
  3. Select 'Takeout' or 'Delivery' depending on whether you want to pick up your food or have it picked up by a delivery person.
  4. Choose from the list of nearby restaurants. Click 'Order Online' from the restaurant's information page. 
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