GTA 6 trailer could be coming soon, leaker claims

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Update: Rockstar suffers major GTA 6 leak — here's what we know.

The GTA 6 rumor mill never stops churning, and the latest online whispers suggest that we may get our first look at the hotly-anticipated game in the near future. 

To date we know almost nothing about GTA 6 beyond the fact it's real and coming at some point. However, last week musician and YouTuber KRYPTO9095 tweeted out of the blue that “GTA is coming” which immediately lead to speculation that he could be involved in the game’s soundtrack or have landed a voice acting gig. The fact that series developer Rockstar follows KRYPTO9095 on Twitter only added fuel to the fire. 

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Things got even more interesting when El Nitro 56 came on the scene and started replying to KRYPTO9505 as well as various other GTA 6 rumor accounts. El Nitro 56 claimed that leakers were “close to the truth” and that further details would soon follow. He also indicated that a trailer for the game was just around the corner, and teased that GTA 6 will be set across two different timelines. The latter is a persistent rumor at this point. 

It all sounds pretty exciting, and there’s no doubt that these rumors are exactly what gamers eager to get some concrete GTA 6 details want to hear. Unfortunately, neither of these sources has a proven track record when it comes to GTA insider information, which means that everything they’ve said needs to be taken with an extremely large grain of salt. 

Currently, the only thing we know about GTA 6 for certain is that it’s in active development. Rockstar confirmed the game was being worked on earlier this year, but otherwise hasn’t said anything about the next installment in the juggernaut open-world crime series. 

Over the past few months, there have been dozens of rumors about GTA 6, and the vast majority of them have yet to pan out. One of the most widespread is that the game will be set in Vice City, the GTA universe equivalent of Miami. However, as noted, for now, this is just speculation as Rockstar hasn't confirmed anything about the game. In fact, it’s not even technically been announced that the game will even be called Grand Theft Auto 6, one leaker claims it won't be

As for when we could get official information on GTA 6, some fans believe that will come later this month. Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, is holding an earnings call on May 16 and it’s possible that some details could come from this. Although, it’s probably wise to temper expectations as it’s doubtful anything particularly substantial will come from an investor's earnings call. 

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