Google Pixel Tablet leak suggests it may have a dedicated privacy switch

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We already know that the Google Pixel Tablet won’t just be a tablet. Google has confirmed it will be able to moonlight as a smart home hub, similar to a Nest Hub, thanks to a specialized dock. Now a new leak might reveal another feature that will let the tablet compete as a smart display — a privacy switch.

Leaker SnoopyTech shared two images of the Pixel Tablet, covering the front and rear of the device. Those images show off a number of details about the tablet, including three separate buttons on the right hand side. This will naturally include a power button and volume rocker, but what about the third? A privacy switch makes the most sense.

Privacy switches are a common feature on smart home speakers and displays, and it makes sense the Pixel Tablet would have one as well. The fact is, you don’t always want your smart home devices to be able to see or hear you at all times. So they tend to give you the option to switch off the microphone and camera in this manner.

google pixel tablet image leak showing off from the rear

(Image credit: SnoopyTech/Twitter)

Other features of note include two speaker cutouts on the left side of the tablet, surrounding a centered USB-C port. There’s also a single rear camera, which we knew about, and four metal dots. Those dots will no doubt be used to help connect the Pixel Tablet to its dock, or potentially other accessories, much like the Smart Connector on Apple’s iPad.

Interestingly there also seem to be two protrusions on the bottom of the tablet, and it’s not immediately clear what they’re for. Given their position it’s likely that they’ll also be playing some role in connecting the Pixel Tablet to accessories.

Though based on pictures we’ve already seen, including some from SnoopyTech, those myertay protrusions won’t help connect the Pixel Tablet to its smart home dock. It’s more likely that it has something to do with keyboards or some other kind of productivity accessory.

Google first unveiled the Pixel Tablet at Google I/O 2022, promising it would be launching at some point in 2023. So far we’ve heard nothing from the company on when the tablet might arrive. But, considering Google I/O 2023 is just a few short weeks away, odds are pretty high that it’ll make an appearance.

Sadly we don’t know when it might go on sale, or even how much it will cost, so we’re just going to have to be patient. Don’t expect the tablet to be alone at I/O, though. We’re also expecting appearances from the Google Pixel Fold, the Pixel 7a, the Pixel 8 series and potentially another generation of the Pixel Watch.

That’s alongside the usual collection of Android announcements ahead of Android 14’s launch later this year. So sit tight, be patient, and we’ll bring you the latest Google Pixel Tablet and I/O news as and when we hear it.

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