Google Pixel 8 leak just tipped key specs

Google Pixel 7
(Image credit: Future)

We've made it no secret that we love the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which easily rank among the best Android phones and best phones overall. But even though they just came out last month, we might have some info about their successors.

This leak comes from WinFuture (via Android Police), which found the information in publicly available code. The site located references to two devices codenamed "Husky" and "Shiba."

We're pretty sure these are new devices, possibly the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, since the code refers to a new chipset codenamed Zuma, which we believe is Tensor G3. 

Zuma apparently has the same 5G modem as Tensor G2, which leaves us disappointed. The Samsung G5300 is marginally better than Tensor G1's modem, but we had hoped to see something newer and more efficient.

WinFuture thinks Zuma will be based on Samsung's 3nm Exynos 2300 system-on-chip and we agree. This is the Korean company's flagship chip and we'd expect Zuma to sport some serious power. If it is Tensor G3, then it's a given that Google will add a TPU and other modifications to make Zuma the smartest chipset around.

The leak also states that both Husky and Shiba will have 12GB of RAM, a spec that was exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro. (The Pixel 7 has 8GB of RAM.) Shiba, which we think is the Pixel 8, allegedly has a screen resolution of 2268 x 1080. Husky, likely the Pixel 8 Pro, instead reportedly has 2822 x 1344 display.

WinFuture does not believe Husky and Shiba to be either the upcoming Pixel Tablet or the rumored Pixel Fold. The screen resolutions indicate traditional smartphones. A subsequent HDR camera feature leak also indicates that Husky and Shiba are codenames for the next Pixel phones.

Both we and WinFuture caution, however, to not take this as set in stone as the Pixel 8 launch is just under a year away if Google keeps to form. These two devices could be testing platforms for Google's engineers to play with new Tensor or Android 14 features. We won't know until the Mountain View company reveals more, potentially at Google I/O 2023.

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