Google Pixel 6 leak reveals design of iPhone 13 rival

Google Pixel 6
(Image credit: Jon Prosser renders by Ian)

The Google Pixel 6 has leaked and — oh boy — is this an interesting one. Leaker Jon Prosser has shown off renders based on photos he received of Google’s upcoming phone, which reveal a handset that looks massively different from the Pixels we know and (mostly) love.

Compared to the iPhone 13, which seems to be a rehash of the iPhone 12 based on the leaks thus far (just thicker), the Pixel 6 looks like it will stand out among all the best Android phones. And not necessarily in all the best ways.

We’ll talk about that ridiculous camera hump in a bit, but you’ll notice from the images below that the front of the device in question looks completely different from the Pixel 5. The selfie cam is now centered along the top of the display, and the bezels are narrower than they were on the current version of the Pixel. There’s also an icon that indicates an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6.

Prosser says that he and his artist recreated the wallpaper and lock screen, too, the latter of which is a departure from the lock screen we see today. So just the front of the device alone has some wild changes — and then you see the back of the phone

Yes, that weird horizontal bar across the width of the phone houses the cameras. It looks ridiculous, especially with how much it sticks out from the phone itself. Above that camera housing, you’ll notice the third piece in the tri-color design. The orange from the Pixel 4 looks to have returned.

That’s not all, because Prosser claims that Google is ditching the “XL” moniker for the larger of its two Pixels and instead will be calling the bigger Pixel 6 the Pixel 6 Pro. There will supposedly be two Pixel 6 flagships. The smaller of the two has a dual lens camera array, while the Pro has three cameras.

All of this is wild, to be frank, and we’re a bit skeptical that Google would change its spartan design language so drastically. However, Prosser speculates that Google is taking such a drastic approach this year because it plans to launch its own Whitechapel system-on-chip in the Pixel 6. Maybe the company wants to make a statement with the first phones running its own silicon.

We have a few months before we’re likely to hear much about the Pixel 6, but this leak could be huge if true. 

Jordan Palmer
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