Google Pixel 5 images just leaked — and there's a huge improvement

Google Pixel 5 render
(Image credit: OnLeaks)

More leaked real-life images of the Pixel 5 have appeared online, and have given us another good look at Google's next phone before it arrives at the end of the month.

Mexican tech pundit Jose Antonio Ponton, who leaked an initial batch of images last week, has updated his Twitter thread with a new trio of shots, which he again claims is a Pixel 5.

The images all make it quite clear that the bezels on the Pixel 5 are near-enough even around the four sides of the phone. That makes a nice change from the previous generations of Pixel, which all had very prominent chins. Good for showing off the phone's lineage, but ugly to look at.

What we see on the screen isn't particularly novel, but still interesting to check out. You can see the Settings Menu, the storage management screen and the home screen, featuring Google's new design.

(Image credit: Jose Antonio Ponton)

Within the display, you can see a punch-hole selfie camera, another big change but one that Google's already shown off on the Pixel 4a. It's a huge improvement compared to the bezel of the Pixel 4 series, and one that helps bring it in line with other popular Android phones like the OnePlus 8 series.

The previous leak made by Ponton, as well as this one, bears the name Pixel 5s, rather than just Pixel 5 like you would expect. This is the first flagship Pixel we're expecting to not get an XL version, but it seems as if Google has other plans for a second model. More pessimistically, the 's' suffix could just refer to a carrier-specific Pixel 5, such as one made for Verizon's mmWave 5G standard.

Google has an event planned for October 30, where it has already said it will show off the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G, a version of the existing 4a modified to work with the new networking standard. We can expect some other products to debut at this event too, like the new Chromecast "Sabrina".

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  • nolefan32
    Other outlets are saying that that 5s is an early designation for the 5 - and at that time, what we now know as the 4a 5G was going to be the base 5. For whatever reason, Google rebranded them.
  • wekebu
    I'm really tired of all the fuss over bezels. That said, is the display curved at the edges? I'm not a fan, makes screen protectors impossible to enjoy.
    Just fyi, The event is September 30th.