Google Nest speaker is 50% off now ahead of Black Friday

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Black Friday might still be a few weeks out, but the sales season always seems to start earlier each year. That means there are already plenty of money-saving deals to enjoy, especially if you’re looking to add some Google-powered smarts to your home.

Right now you can get the Google Nest Audio for just $49 over at the Google Store, which is a $50 off the usual price. What’s more, you can also get the Google Nest Hub Max for $164 — a savings of $65. Those are great deals for fantastic smart home devices.

Google Nest Audio: $99$49 @ Google Store

Google Nest Audio: $99 $49 @ Google Store
Get 50% off Google's latest smart speaker over at the Google Store in this early Black Friday deal. With solid audio, Google Assistant support and a stylish discreet design, there's plenty of reason to pick up a Google Nest Audio — especially at this price

Google Nest Hub Max: $229$164 @ Google Store

Google Nest Hub Max: $229 $164 @ Google Store
Save $65 off the price of the Google Nest Hub Max, which blends great sound with a 10-inch touchscreen display and 6.5 MP camera. With all the usual smart speakers features, plus app and video call support, it's a great addition to your home. 

Needless to say, we like the Nest Audio. Not only did it earn 4 out of 5 stars in our Google Nest Audio review, it’s also one of the best smart speakers you can buy right now — and the best Google Home speaker period.

For your money you get a clean-looking speaker, with a cloth exterior that can easily blend into the rest of your home decor. It’s fairly big, but that means the Nest Audio is able to offer loud sound with strong bass that really packs a punch. Google Assistant is also along for the ride, which makes controlling your music an absolute breeze. The only downside is that there’s no option to add your own audio input, and everything has to be streamed.

We also awarded 4 our to 5 stars in our Google Nest Hub Max review, noting that Google’s smart home display is an excellent alternative to Amazon's Echo Show. That also makes it one of the best smart speakers, and the best Google Home speaker with a screen.

For your money you’ll get an attractive design, solid audio quality and motion tracking to follow you and ensure you’re always at the center of a video call. Unfortunately, those calls are only available with Google Duo or Zoom and means the 6.5MP camera misses out on a bunch of the best video chat apps as a result.

The 10-inch touchscreen means there’s more on offer than the Nest Audio, offering access to dozens of popular apps and services. It also means you can control those apps with your hands, rather than relying on your voice. It’s not as discreet as the Nest Audio, but the trade-off is definitely worth it.

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