Can't find PS5 restock? This retro console brings Game Boy games to your TV

RetroN Sq console
(Image credit: Hyperkin)

You will soon be able to play your favorite Game Boy titles on your TV screen. Hyperkin announced that the RetroN Sq, the retro console that we've all longed for, is set to hit the shelves on March 25 and is now available for pre-orders for just $75.

The company first announced the device back in 2017 as an April Fool's Day prank product. Later at CES 2020, Hyperkin officially announced RetroN Jr, a console that would bring back the Game Boy nostalgia. The device was later renamed as RetroN Sq (Sq for Square, paying tribute to its compact cube shape). 

Although the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S currently dominate the console market, those of us missing that retro gaming feel couldn't be more excited about the new RetroN Sq console. It is now available to pre-order for $74.99 in two colors: HyperBeach (bright turquoise exterior with fuchsia-colored buttons) and BlackGold (black exterior with gold-colored buttons).

The console will be compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color (GBC) and Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridges (a beta feature), so if you still have yours laying around somewhere, now is the time to dust off those bad boys. There's also a memory card slot at the back of the console included for firmware updates.

Hyperkin's retro console connects to your TV via HDMI input. The RetroN Sq will allow you to play games upscaled to 720p resolution with an option to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

The design of the console itself highly resembles the GameCube, Nintendo's console that was launched back in 2001. So this will definitely give some major childhood flashbacks for some of us.

The RetroN Sq console comes with 1 wired USB "Scout" controller. We couldn't help but notice that its shape and the placement of the buttons are incredibly similar to Nintendo's SNES controller from the early 90s. And although the 10ft-long cable connecting the controller to the console isn't ideal, it will probably be long enough for you to play from your couch in a standard-sized living room. The console also comes with a 3ft-long HDMI cable and a 6ft-long USB-C cable with an AC adapter.

The good news is that the estimated ship date for the RetroN Sq is March 25, so it won't be long until you can relive 90's and early 2000's gaming on your TV. 

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