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Apple Watch 8 Pro just tipped for $1,000 — here’s all the rumored features

Apple Watch 8 renders
(Image credit: Jon Prosser)

Update: Apple Watch 8 tipped to launch September 7 with two new models.

The upcoming Apple Watch 8 may not be the only watch Apple launched this year. According to reliable tipster Mark Gurman of Bloomberg (opens in new tab) — we could be seeing a new rugged model rebranded as the Appel Watch Pro.

The new Pro model would join the two other Apple Watches this fall — a regular Apple Watch Series 8 and a new Apple Watch SE, according to Gurman.

Rumors around Apple Watch 8 have been building up, and we did recently hear the Apple Watch 8 could get a health sensor upgrade that might alert users when they have fever. The new variant by Apple is also something analysts including Gurman himself have also mentioned recently — the new Apple Watch 8 could have the biggest display and the best battery life yet

In fact, rumors of a rugged Apple Watch started ahead of last year's Apple Watch 7 launch. But with rumors now heating up, we could very well see the new models this year, with the idea of an Apple Watch Pro moniker being new. 

If true, it would be in line with other products, which include more expensive versions such as the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone Pro and the AirPods Pro.

In his “Power On” newsletter Gurman says, “Whether it will be called the Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Explorer Edition or the Apple Watch Pro, Apple Inc. is set to give the Apple Watch its 'Pro' tier.”

Like the rest of its Pro products, this could mean Apple is keeping some premium features for the Apple Watch Pro, including a higher price. We already heard rumors about the new Apple Watch variant having a much larger screen (2-inches diagonally) with a bigger battery cell and durable casing. But there are now new details of what we could expect in the new watch variant detailed by Gurman. 

Read on to find out everything we know about the rumored Apple Watch 8 Pro.

Apple Watch Pro features 

If Apple launches the Pro tier of the Apple Watch this year, the new smartwatch is likely to be a more durable version of Apple's popular wearable, designed to appeal to athletes or for intense workouts. This is similar to the tier that the high-end Garmin sports watch usually operates in.

The rugged rumors now suggest Apple’s extreme sports smartwatch could be the company's largest wearable display yet. It might span a full 2-inches diagonally according to Gurman, which will sit pretty big on wrists, if true. Display analyst Ross Young (opens in new tab) said recently that the new Apple Watch would span 1.99 inches, although Young didn’t specify a rugged variant of the watch.

There seem to be several durability features that the watch could come with. Gurman says the display will be more shatter-resistant and that the whole watch could come in a heftier and rugged casing. It could also be made using a premium material like Titanium and Apple might ditch the usual aluminum casing here. 

A tougher build combined with a bigger screen could just be what sports enthusiasts have been waiting for from the Apple Watch. 

A bigger build could also translate to longer battery life. We would expect to get more hours from the upcoming wearable, making it ideal for hiking or any outdoor activities, while fixing one of our only gripes with the Apple Watch.

Gurman also pegs the Apple Watch Pro to have enhanced hiking and swim tracking capabilities. That would mean Apple would really be looking at taking on some of the most high-end and the best Garmin watches

The Apple Watch Pro could also feature the S8 chip — the same one we see on the Apple Watch 7 and Apple Watch 6 models.

Finally, we'd expect the Apple Watch Pro to  get the health upgrade tipped for the  Apple Watch 8 that would measure body temperature.

 ‘Premium’ price tag for Apple Watch Pro

Coupled with the Pro name, the Apple Watch 8 Pro could very well cost more than what you pay for a standard Apple Watch. Gurman had estimated this to be above the $699 stainless steel version of the Apple Watch, but has now pegged the price to be a whopping $999. “Given that the new high-end Apple Watch will pack in a slightly larger display, new sensors and higher-end materials, I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts closer to $900 to $999,” he wrote. 

That’s the price for an iPhone 13 Pro currently and much more expensive than the Garmin fenix 7, the best sports watch overall. 

With that pricing, Apple would clearly be looking at serious fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Will the Apple Watch Pro justify its possibly massive price tag? We will have to see once it’s launched, which could be this fall when Apple traditionally shows off new wearables.

Apple could also discontinue its Apple Watch Edition, according to Gurman. He mentions that Apple “gradually moved away from the $17,000 gold Apple Watch to stainless steel models that come in a gold tone and titanium offerings.” The current Apple Watch 7 45mm Edition starts at $849 and comes in a titanium case. This could be Apple’s way of rebranding the Edition series and coming up with a more Pro lineup.

 Apple Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apple’s Pro watch could arrive at a time when Samsung is also gearing up to launch the Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5. That model is expected to appear next month along with the standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 model. 

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro just leaked last week; it looks like the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is getting a titanium case and a more rugged design. 

Could Apple and Samsung compete pretty closely with their pro watch models? We’ll know soon enough. Picking between an Apple Watch vs Garmin or even an Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch could become a tough choice among the best smartwatches

It remains to be seen if the Apple Watch Pro will look a lot different than what we expect from the Apple Watch 8. But with a larger display, it definitely will help professional athletes look at their stats more clearly and also help in navigation or tracking a route with GPS.

The Apple Watch lineup looks to betting its biggest shake-up in years and we’re just a couple of months away from finding out all the details. Stay tuned to our hubs for all the updates on Apple’s upcoming watches.

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