Apple Watch 7 clones show biggest rumored design changes

Apple Watch 7 fake
(Image credit: Majin Bu / Twitter)

The Apple Watch 7 is expected to get a new flat-edged look In keeping with the recent 2021 iPad Pro and iPhone 12. And now Chinese Apple Watch 7 clones are appearing that appear to mimic the rumored redesign.

The new Apple Watch 7 design has been rumored for some time. It should, according to renders based on CAD designs, look like this:

apple watch 7 leaked renders

(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

But renders only get you so far and if you want something a bit more tangible, then China is the place to go, where knockoff copycats based on CAD designs are set to flood the streets.

As shared by the leaker Majin Bu – who just yesterday was confirming new sizes for the wearable – these Apple Watch 7 clones give you an idea of what the new Apple Watch might look like, even if they are pretty rough around the edges.     

Obviously ,if you were brave enough to buy one of these knock offs, you would not be getting anything like the experience you can expect from an actual Apple Watch. According to Bu, these are going for around $60 – or around 15% the US retail price of an Apple Watch 6 – and they’ll likely run software that’s skinned to look like WatchOS but without anything approaching the same level of functionality. 

All the same, it gives you an idea of how the new flat design might look in the real world if you squint a bit, and imagine quite a bit more polish. In particular, we’d imagine the display will meet the casing a bit more elegantly than what’s on display here. 

Counterfeit Apple Watch 7

(Image credit: Majin Bu / Twitter)

Plus, we’ve heard that with the Apple Watch 7, Apple will be introducing a “new lamination technique” which brings the display closer to the top cover, making it easier to read. Obviously, that’s sorely lacking here.

Otherwise, surprisingly little has leaked about the Apple Watch 7. As per usual, we’re also expecting a faster processor and for Apple to go big on health features, though sadly the anticipated blood glucose monitoring will reportedly be missing in action until next year at the earliest

A couple of weeks ago it was also reported that Apple will be introducing a “Time to Run” feature to complement the existing “Time to Walk” mode currently available to Apple Fitness Plus subscribers. Given the current version includes celebrities like Dolly Parton and Shawn Mendes talking about something as they walk, we’d expect something similar but designed to encourage a quicker pace.  

No doubt Apple will have plenty more to reveal when it officially unveils the new wearable. We’re expecting the Apple Watch 7 to launch next month, though whether it will be at the same event as the iPhone 13 remains to be seen.  

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