Android 13's final beta is here — and the official release is 'weeks away'

Android 13 logo on Pixel 6 Pro
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Android 13 is edging closer to a full release now that Android 13 Beta 4 has arrived, as Google just announced on the Android Developer Blog.

This will be the final beta before the stable version starts appearing on regular users' handsets, says Google. It's the last call to developers to ensure their apps work with the new OS, and an advance warning for users to prepare for Android 13 dropping on their phones.

In terms of features, Android 13 Beta 4 hasn't changed anything from Beta 3 (which dropped in early June). That's to be expected as Google fixes everything in place for the final release. The focus is now on stability, rather than trying to add extra features, to ensure nothing weird and unexpected happens once the final revision goes live.

Perhaps that's disappointing, but remember we've already got plenty to look forward to in Android 13. Google has added stuff like enhanced privacy permissions, editing for copied text, adjustable flashlight brightness and support for Bluetooth LE for more efficient audio. All that, plus new Material You customization options, will help make your Android phones more effective than ever before. 

Even better, the best Android tablets seem to no longer be an afterthought for Google, Building on Android 12L, Android 13 is adding more slate-first interface features (like split panes and a fixed taskbar) to make the most of larger displays. Handy given there's a Google Pixel tablet on the way.

There's still no mention of precisely when the stable version of Android 13 will arrive beyond it being "a few weeks away". Chances are it'll launch alongside Google's flagship phone for the year, the Google Pixel 7, in the fall. It'll likely be October if that's the case, which is when Android 12 and the Google Pixel 6 series both arrived. But Google seems to be moving quickly this year, so the final release might be sooner than we think.

If you're wanting to try out Android 13 Beta 4, read how to install the Android 13 beta on a Google Pixel or other eligible Android phone. Otherwise, check if your current device will get the update, and if it doesn't, consider upgrading to one of the best Android phones.

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