Amazon Xbox Series X restock now live — how to get yours

Xbox Series X restock
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It's raining Xbox Series X restock today. Amazon and Walmart still have the console in stock. Amazon, for instance, has the Xbox Series X available for $499 via this link. This restock is for Prime members only, so you'll need to sign into your account to make the purchase. (It'll arrive as fast as next-day). 

This is the second restock we've seen from Amazon this week. On Wednesday, the retailer offered PS5 restock for Amazon Prime members. 

Xbox Series X restock now live

Xbox Series X: $499 @ Amazon

Xbox Series X: $499 @ Amazon (Prime members only)
The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's new flagship console. It features 12 teraflops of graphics power, 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, and Blu-ray drive. It runs games at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second with a max of 8K at 120 fps. The Editor's Choice console represents the pinnacle of Microsoft's gaming efforts.

Amazon Prime: for $139/year

Amazon Prime: for $139/year
Amazon Prime gives shoppers access to free shipping on over 100 million products. It also includes access to services like Prime Video and Prime Music. You can pay an annual $139 free or choose a monthly plan at $14.99.

Xbox Series X: $499 @ Walmart

Xbox Series X: $499 @ Walmart
Amazon isn't the only retailer with Xbox restock today. Walmart has the Xbox Series X in stock for $499. There is no Walmart Plus membership requirement to purchase the console.

Refurb Xbox Series X: $459 @ GameStop

Refurb Xbox Series X: $459 @ GameStop (sold out)
GameStop has refurbished Xbox Series X consoles for $459. That's $40 off and the cheapest price we've seen for the XSX. 

Xbox Series X consoles have become somewhat easier to find these days. Bundles, in particular, tend to remain in stock for days after their release. Additionally, Microsoft has even started selling refurbished Xbox Series X consoles.

The Editor's Choice Xbox Series X was originally released on November 10, 2020. While it was impossible to find in stock the first year of its release, stock of the consoles appears to be more steady now. 

In our Xbox Series X review, we called the current flagship the Xbox to rule them all. It loads games in seconds rather than minutes and Microsoft's new Xbox Wireless Controller is a neat evolution of its predecessor. Small improvements like textured triggers and an improved D-pad take a familiar controller and simply make it better. 

We also recommend you dole out an extra $14.99 a month for access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It provides access to Xbox and PC games, as well as cloud streaming and save syncing between all three platforms. It's a fantastic deal and quite possibly the best deal in gaming

Xbox Series X restock tracker — where to look

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