Amazon Alexa event set for Sept. 24 — here's what to expect

(Image credit: Amazon)

Get ready for Alexa to start appearing in some new products. Amazon plans to hold a press event next week at which we're likely to see a new spate of smart home devices that come equipped with the companies voice assistant.

The invitation-only event takes place this coming Thursday (Sept. 24), and it gets underway at 1 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT. Amazon didn't live stream last year's product launch, live-blogging the details instead. We'd expect the company to follow suit this year, though we'll let you know if there's any way to follow the announcements live. We plan on covering the event.

Amazon has hosted similar product launches the last several years, and typically, new and updated Alexa speakers are on the agenda. We could also see smart screens equipped with the voice assistant, too.

Recent installments of Amazon's product launches haven't been restricted to just speakers, though, as Amazon has branched out into other areas of the smart home. Two years ago, Amazon introduced both a clock and a microwave oven that included Alexa. Last year, the company branched into wearables with the Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses, Amazon Echo Buds wireless earbuds and Amazon Echo Loop ring. It also introduced the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock, which we consider to be one of the best smart home devices yet.

Bottom line: if there's something that's a natural fit for Alexa — or even if there isn't — there's a possibility we could see Amazon show it off on Sept. 24.

Philip Michaels

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