5 biggest TV show announcements for Max, TBS and TNT at WBD Upfronts

Robert Downey Jr., wearing a black suit and sunglasses, stands in front of a car with his arms in the air, in a trailer for Downey's Dream Cars shown at the WBD Upfronts 2023
(Image credit: Warner Bros. Discovery via YouTube)

Today (May 17), the 2023 WBD Upfronts delivered tons of hype for the company's content. In attendance at the event, though, I noticed it also broke news about 5 TV shows coming to WBD-owned channels and the Max streaming service.

These events may primarily speak to advertisers about why they should buy ad time from WBD, but they also need to make some news about what's coming up soon. The news ranges from premiere dates for some of its bigger Max shows to a new show starring a beloved talk show host and a revival of a classic reality TV series.

So, for everyone who isn't in ad sales, here are the big takeaways from the 2023 WBD Upfronts:

1. Downey's Dream Cars is coming this summer

Upcoming Max Original Downey's Dream Cars is an unscripted auto repair show that feels like a different — and possibly better show — than MTV classic Pimp My Ride. Not just because it features one of our favorite actors.

Notorious auto-lover Robert Downey Jr., now with a ton of time on his hands now that Tony Stark is no longer in the MCU, is looking to modernize the classic cars he loves. All while turning them into lean, green (environmentally friendly) machines. This way, you can combine a love of cars and a disinterest in fossil fuels at the same time!

Debuts on Max on June 22

2. And Just Like That... season 2 release date announced

And just like that, we learned when the second season of Sex and the City sequel series is coming to Max. Weeks after dropping the above teaser (which was replayed at the Upfronts), Casey Bloys, the Chairman & CEO for HBO & HBO Max Content, revealed that AJLT S2 also drops on Thursday, June 22nd.

The debut will deliver two episodes, with nine more episodes arriving weekly on the following Thursdays. If you're not keeping up with the casting news, the big twist for the new season is that Carrie's ex Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) is back.

Debuts on Max on June 22

3. Conan O'Brien Must Go ... to the Max

Conan O'Brien's days as a talkshow host may be on ice for now, but Max wants more of the late night legend. His new travel series Conan O'Brien Must Go follows the titular host on a series of trips around the world to see the people he's met through his podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Fan.

This series looks and feels like the best of O'Brien's pre-taped man-on-the-street segments from his old days on NBC, but high-budget and out of his comfort zone.

Max release date TBA

4. TBS is bringing a beloved reality TV show back

If you've loved Amazon Prime Video/Freevee's Jury Duty, you just got one reason to make sure you have TBS. Cat Deeley hosts the revival of The Joe Schmoe Show, where only one cast member doesn't realize that they're not on a reality TV show.

Ben, a shaggy-haired dude, thinks he's on a competition series, but everyone else there is actually an actor. And they're all in on it. Jason Sarlanis, Warner Bros. Discovery's President of Crime and Investigative Content is quoted as saying "In rebooting this classic for a modern, savvy audience, it gives us the opportunity to comment on the often absurd and hilarious tropes of reality television in ways our viewers will love.”

5. TNT's turning Saturday night into wrestling night

AEW champions Orange Cassidy and MJF are highlighted in the poster announcing AEW Saturday Collision coming Saturday, June 17 at 8 p.m. ET

(Image credit: All Elite Wrestling)

Lastly, and this is definitely the show I'm most excited about: the 90's are back as Turner networks add a fourth pro wrestling show. AEW Saturday Collision will provide more piledrivers and pandemonium every week, as the promotion's ever-expanding roster needs more air-time.

The announcement names current and previous champions such as Thunder Rosa, Miro, Samoa Joe and Powerhouse Hobbs, but the big story about Collision is one name not shown: CM Punk. Rumor has it that the former AEW and WWE champion, one of the biggest names in the business, will practically be exclusive to Collision, due to differences with talent who will spend most of their time on TBS' AEW Dynamite.

Premieres Saturday, June 17 at 8 p.m. ET

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