Your Samsung Galaxy can automatically track subjects when recording video — here's how

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera tips and tricks.
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Before you head out to capture your next video masterpiece on your Samsung phone, it may be worth checking how to use video auto framing on Samsung Galaxy.

Rather than relying on your own reaction speed to keep the subject of your video in shot, you can instead stand at a distance and let the phone take care of it by zooming in for you. Ideal if you're trying to capture something that won't respond to your thoughtful direction.

Read on to see how to enable video auto framing on Samsung Galaxy phones, and to see a video sample of the feature in action.

How to enable video auto framing on Samsung Galaxy phones

These screenshots were taken on a Samsung Galaxy S23, but the steps will look the same on other Samsung Galaxy devices.

1. Open the Camera app and switch to Video

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Open the Camera app and tap Video.

2. Tap the Auto framing button

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Now tap the Auto framing button, bottom right. That's the little circle surrounded by the four corners of a square. A pop-up telling you that Auto framing is on will appear to show you it's enabled, and the icon will turn yellow.

3. Record a clip

(Image: © Tom's Guide)

Now record a clip. All you need to do is sit back (or stand, or pop the phone in a tripod etc.) and let Auto framing do the work. It'll automatically zoom in and out to capture the action, as ably demonstrated by TG staff writer Josh in the clip below.

4. Keep an eye on the tracking box

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A small box will follow your subject on-screen to show you what it's tracking. Keep an eye on the tracking box. This way you'll know what it's following if the tracking movement doesn't make sense.

There are many more tips on using Galaxy phones we can give you now you've mastered video auto framing. How about learning how to enable landscape always-on display for Samsung Galaxy phones for an iOS StandBy-like experience? Or how to enable light performance mode to keep your phone cool and efficient when needed?

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