How to screen record on Samsung Galaxy S22

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Screen recording on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is fairly simple and customizable. As the name suggests, using the screen record function allows you to take a video of exactly what you see on your phone’s screen to share with your friends or on social media — or even for later reference.

Screen recording can be used for a variety of situations — and with the Galaxy S22’s built-in options like screen drawing and picture-in-picture recording, it makes the process much smoother. It also eliminates the need for most third party apps. Your screen recordings are saved to your gallery, where you can edit them further or send them directly to others. 

Ready to get started screen recording on your Galaxy S22? Here’s how.

How to screen record on Samsung Galaxy S22

1. Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to access the quick menu.

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2. In the Quick Settings panel, select the Screen recorder icon in the bottom right corner.

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3. You will be presented with some options to customize your recording such as toggling the sound or showing taps/touches. Once you’re satisfied, press the Start recording button on the bottom right.

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4. You will see a brief countdown and your screen recording will begin.

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5. You will see a menu in the top right corner with options to start picture-in-picture, draw on, or pause your recording. To stop recording, tap the square Stop button on the right.

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