How to change your Android 12 lock screen clock

how to change your Android 12 lock screen clock
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Sometimes you just want to know how to change your Android 12 lock screen clock. After all, a key benefit of Android 12 is its high level of customization to create a unique user experience. Customization is why many people choose a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra when comparing iPhone vs. Android. It's certainly why I use a Samsung Galaxy S21 as my daily phone.

But how do you go about changing your Android 12 lock screen clock? Customization features can often be buried in menus and submenus. 

I have had my Samsung Galaxy S21 for over a year now, and even I was learning how to change my lock screen clock for the first time. However, now that I know how to do it, it's incredibly simple to go back in and mess with the settings if I feel the need to make a change again.

Fair warning: these how-to steps are for a Samsung Galaxy S21 running Samsung One UI 4.1. Other phones such as the Google Pixel 6 may have different customizations available for their Android 12 lock screen clock. However, these steps should still push you in the right direction to have some fun customizing your Android phone.

How to change your Android 12 lock screen clock in Samsung One UI 4.1

  1. Open the settings icon from the pulldown menu
  2. Select Lock screen
  3. Select Clock style
  4. Change to the desired Android 12 lock screen clock
  5. Tap Done

Read on to view detailed instructions for each step.

1. First, pull down from the top of the screen to access the pulldown menu. Then, tap the Settings icon. (It looks like a gear.)

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2. In the Settings app, scroll down and select Lock screen.

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3. In the Lock screen submenu, select Clock style.

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4. You should now be looking at a display showing your current Android 12 lock screen clock, along with several other options. Change your Android 12 lock screen clock to the desired appearance.

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5. If you don't like the first alternative clock style you selected, you have options. Select another Android 12 lock screen clock (if desired).

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6. You can also change the font color for your Android 12 lock screen clock. Tap a color option to change your clock font color.

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7. Tap done.

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8. Press your side key button to put the phone to sleep. Press it again and enjoy your new lock screen clock.

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That's everything you need to change your Android 12 lock screen on a Samsung Galaxy running One UI 4.1. But that's not the only Android tip you may find useful

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