How to access the emoji keyboard on Mac

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You'll definitely want to know about the built-in emoji keyboard on Mac. After all, for most of us, emoji have become part of our everyday lives. Whether you're emailing on one of the best laptops or messaging on one of the best phones, how else can you convey emotion in otherwise contextless messages?

You'll no doubt be familiar with how to bring up the emoji keyboard on your iPhone. But did you know there is an emoji keyboard built into macOS?

Just like on your smartphone, with a couple of taps on your keyboard, you can access the entire suite of emoji on your Mac.

It's super easy to access the emoji keyboard on Mac. Here's how.

How to access the emoji keyboard on Mac

1. Press Ctrl + Cmd + Space.

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You can now access the entire emoji keyboard as you'd find on your smartphone or other device. Use the bar at the bottom to scroll through the different emoji category and click on the emoji you'd like to use. That's really all there is to it.

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