Samsung Smart Monitor drops to lowest ever price in last-minute Labor Day sale

Samsung Smart Monitor M8
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Labor Day sales are winding down, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some epic deals to be had. Case in point, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 has just dropped to its lowest ever price courtesy of Amazon. 

For a limited time, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is on sale for $589 on Amazon. That’s $110 off its regular retail price of $699, and the lowest price we’ve seen to date. The smart monitor was previously $100 off during Memorial Day earlier this year, but this deal is $10 cheaper. The same discounted price is also available via the Samsung website

Samsung Smart Monitor M8: $699$589 @ Amazon

Samsung Smart Monitor M8:  $699 $589 @ Amazon
The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is a solid rival to the Apple Studio display. It packs a 32-inch 4K display, speakers, a webcam and other features like built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. At $589, it's just hit a new lowest ever price courtesy of this last-minute Labor Day deal. 

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is a 32-inch 4K monitor that packs both a webcam, and a speakers system. It’s all housed into a slim, elegant chassis and as the Smart Monitor branding implies, the display can even run its apps natively. Plus, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, it can be paired with your phone and other smart devices around your home. 

A clear rival for the Apple Studio Display, both displays offer a slim profile with thin bezels bordering the screen. Both also offer a similar suite of built-in features, including a webcam, speakers and an onboard processor. The key difference with the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is the choice of four colors and HDR support, not to mention it typically costs around half the price of Apple’s offering .

First unveiled at CES 2022, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 only released a few months ago, so we’re pleasantly surprised to see it already $110 off. Apple Studio Display has been long overdue a proper contender to its smart monitor crown and Samsung has certainly given it one, and with the price difference (further accentuated by this deal) it’s hard not to recommend Samsung’s alternative. 

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