Prime Day just wiped $150 off this awesome curved gaming monitor — lowest ever price

The LG Ultragear 34" curved QHD monitor on a desk, with a game playing on the screen
(Image credit: LG)

With all the fantastic Amazon Prime Day deals live right now, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. If you're in the market for a new display, you won't want to miss this awesome deal on a fantastic LG curved QHD gaming monitor. 

Right now, the LG UltraGear QHD 34" curved gaming monitor is $249 at Amazon, which is $150 off its usual price and puts this monitor at the lowest price we've ever seen.

LG UltraGear QHD 34" curved gaming monitor: was $399 now $249 @ Amazon

LG UltraGear QHD 34" curved gaming monitor: was $399 now $249 @ Amazon
If you're looking to upgrade your home gaming setup, a high refresh rate gaming monitor like this one is one of the best purchases you can make, resulting in a much smoother visual experience. This 34-inch monitor is also ultra-wide and curved, for an immersive experience, with a QHD 1440p resolution, for a much more detailed image than 1080p.

The best gaming monitors will seriously impact your gaming experience for the better. There are a few things that go into making a great monitor, and this LG UltraGear QHD 34-inch curved monitor has them all.

Firstly, it's a VA panel type, which typically have better contrast levels and therefore much deeper blacks than the other common monitor panel types: IPS and TN. This generally comes at the expense of horizontal viewing angles, which are better on IPS panels — however, given this is a curved monitor, horizontal viewing angles shouldn't be as important as with a flat panel. It's curved and ultra-wide at 34 inches, to immerse you in the gaming experience. And its QHD/1440p resolution offers a great balance between sharpness and performance (with a 4K monitor, you may suffer performance issues on lower or mid-tier graphical hardware).

The monitor has a high refresh rate of 160Hz, which allows for much smoother gameplay than at 60Hz. It also features a respectably fast 5ms response time to mitigate ghosting, Dynamic Action Sync to reduce input lag, plus HDR10 support and 99% sRGB coverage to ensure accurate and intense colors. The monitor also utilizes AMD FreeSync Premium to help smooth out any tearing or stuttering.

Overall, this is a really solid monitor, especially at this price, and is a great, affordable way for any 1080p and/or 60Hz gamers to seriously upgrade their setup.

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